This Week on Instagram (March 11-15)

How’s it going, Instagrammers? How often do you check your feed and post photos on the platform? If you could use some motivation, here are our choice picks from Instagram this week. The images that caught our eye this week include Betty Boop in an unusual state of undress, a larger than life Einstein, and […]

Gift Ideas for the Geek In your Life

Thinking up of gift ideas for geeks can be a lot of fun, especially if the person who will give the gift is a geek himself. Geek gifts are cool and if you’re a geek yourself, jut shopping around for a geek friend or relative is not so much a chore as a chance to […]

Ginormous LEGO Einstein Head

Whether you love or hate physics, you cannot deny the appeal of Albert Einstein. Who cannot help but love that shock of wild white hair that belies the brilliant mind underneath? Or perhaps his crowning glory is actually a testament to his brilliance. Whichever way you see it, Albert Einstein IS the guy who led […]

Pi Day 2010!

Not all of you may know it, but today is Pi Day 2010! Now, I do not really have to explain to you the reason behind today being Pi Day, do I? In case the obvious is lost on you, check the date. Today is March 14, 2010. In figures, that 3/14/2010. Now you’re catching […]