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ForeverGeek Kickstarter Store Spotlight: Skulls, Brain Control, and Bowties

Earlier this week, we launched the Stiqblox Kickstarter Store. Geeks that we are, we ourselves enjoy browsing through the successfully funded Kickstarter projects we feature. Call it virtual window shopping, retail therapy, or whatever you want. All I know is that it does wonders for stress levels! Today, I’d like to share my picks of the […]

Chocolate Baby Heads and Disturbing Cakes From the Conjurer’s Kitchen

It’s not everyday that you get to see cakes and chocolate creations that just make your stomach turn. Especially not for us who love sweets and can’t resist a bite (or two or three) of most any cake. Annabel de Vetten has changed all that for me, and the chances are that you’re going to […]

Eat Your Heart Out With These Awesomely Designed Macarons

I love food! ((Imagine Po saying that in the tone of “I love kung fu…!!!)) I’m not nitpicky when it comes to presentation, but the more interesting things are, the better! When I say interesting, though, I don’t necessarily mean gross like the body parts bread I ran across a couple of months ago. I […]

Gaming Anatomy

What if your favorite gaming gadgets were living, biological things? That’s the question illustrator Mads Peitersen answers with the paintings seen here.

LEGO Minifigure Skeleton

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. You’re looking at a LEGO minifig whose plastic “skin” has been peeled away so that you can see his insides.

Mythological Characters Deconstructed

I have always been fascinated by mythology and fantasy. Greek, Roman, Norse, Filipino, etc. – various stories and character held me captive as a child. Even as an adult (supposed to be one, at least), I still find the magic that mythology offers irresistible. Now deconstruction may not be the best thing that you can […]

Dissection goes virtual

In college, we had to dissect a baby pig. The smell was so strong that to this day the scent of cold ham turns my stomach. Too bad we didn’t have this. From the Media Lab of Emantras comes Virtual Frog, an iPad app that allows you to dissect a frog virtually but very realistically. […]