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What Will Be The Next Big Smartphone?

Smartphones are now everywhere, permeating all levels of society. People have seen the light, and are no longer satisfied with simple communications. Instead, smartphones with larger screens, fast internet access and a range of apps and supporting technologies have swept across the world, and continue to find growing markets in both developing and emerging territories. […]

Win a HALE Dreamer Alarm Clock Speaker Dock for Android!

How many days left before Christmas? Who cares? We’re helping spread the Christmas cheer NOW by giving away TWO HALE Dreamer Alarm Clock Speaker Dock for Android, courtesy of the generous people at HALE. The HALE Dreamer Alarm Clock Speaker Dock for Android is actually the result of a successful Kickstarter Project, and we’ve featured […]

A Game Console the Size of a Thumb Drive?

Riding on the coattails of Ouya’s success story, a new competitor for Android-powered television gaming has popped up on Kickstarter. It’s called GameStick, and it’s an entire console crammed into a USB thumb drive.

First Look: Horn

iOS and Android can’t lay claim to very many AAA games, but this one definitely qualifies. Horn is from the creator of The Dark Meadow, and it looks spectacular.

Another For Ouya: Final Fantasy III

The Ouya news just keeps rolling in. The $99 Android-based TV console just landed another launch partner and title, in Square Enix’s Final Fantasy III.

ROBOTA: Vengeance Adventure Game for Android Needs Your Help

Hey guys, here’s an awesome Kickstarter project that can really use your help. If you are never seen without your Android device in hand, if you are a staple at your favorite Android forum, and if you like gaming on Android, you ought to give ROBOTA: Vengeance a look. Forget scouring the web for free […]

GameStop Creating Its Own Gaming Tablet

Yep, you read that right. Apple has changed the face of gaming so strongly thanks to its iPad tablet (not to mention the iPhone) and download-only game apps that video game retailer GameStop is feeling the burn. In addition to Apple’s iOS, there are all the Android tablets starting to pop up. Now GameStop is […]

Angry Birds landing on Mattel board game

Angry Birds is a tremendously fun game.  Those with an iPhone, iPad, Android device, or Mac, are no doubt aware of its addictive nature.  Thanks to Mattel, the wildly popular game seeks to make the jump from electronic devices to a board game, allowing one to play the game with physical birds, pigs and other […]

The iPhone 4 Contenders

Apple’s fourth iPhone (iPhone 4) is just as popular as – if not more popular than – the first generation iPhone. Three years and four versions later, the iPhone has been immensely improved, but with a growing price tag. For the die hard Apple fan – and perhaps for those who simply must have the […]

The Day Andy Exploded

Do you know who Andy is? I am pretty sure you can name a few Andys in your life, but for the true blue Android geek, there is but one Andy: that little green robot. Andy, Google’s Android mascot has become precious to many an Android-loving person. Gary Booth, who I suppose is one of […]

Facepalm: Windows 7 Phone Series Won't Have Copy & Paste

I’m an iPhone guy, and have been since the release of the iPhone 3G a few years back. But recently, when I first heard about Windows Phone 7 and saw a demo, I got very excited. That was a cool looking piece of software right there, and maybe something worth switching over. Then I heard […]

The Future of Android as seen from this Dual SIM winner

It has two active standby SIM slots. It’s made in China. It runs on Android. After nursing a cold about a week ago, I came into the possession of two prototypes from one of the more “hip” China phone manufacturers, TORQUE. Without any detailed specs, the units came in a brown envelope with no charger […]

Google To Create A Netbook?

I wouldn’t mind having one. I am still loving my MSI Wind but a new gadget is always welcome. The rumors are that Google is gathering data that it will need to come up with an Android-powered netbook. On Thursday of last week, people spotted a Google ad on Craigslist which sought people who want […]

Did Microsoft Finally Get Something Right?

I don’t particularly follow the mobile phone market unless they are made of Lego blocks, but yesterday I followed the releases over at MWC. Mainly to see what Windows 6.5 would look like and in the hope of more information around the Palm Pre. For once I must admit that the Redmonders finally got something […]