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Have You Seen the Animated Short to Celebrate 75 Years of Batman?

Yeah, he’s that old, but he surely still has it. Batman is Batman, and 75 years of Batman is something everyone should celebrate. Warner Bros. Animation certainly thinks there is something to celebrate (I’m sure all the cash they’ve received has something to do with that, too), and they have released the first of two […]

Short Films This Week (7.29.13)

This week, we’ve got one of the best short film collections I’ve ever seen. Check out the incredible quality of these animated and live action shorts.

Short Films Vol. 1

Introducing a new, weekly ForeverGeek feature: the best in short films! In our first batch, we've got five feature-quality shorts that span the likes of eye-popping scifi and awesome animation.

‘Ruin': A Brilliant Short You Must Watch Now

You may get a Terminator vibe from Ruin, a new short film from indie animation studio Oddball Animation. But don’t worry — this is anything but a rip-off. It’s one of the coolest animated films I’ve ever seen.

Jar Jar Binks Gets Some Lego Star Wars Trilogy Film Love

I love the Lego Star Wars Trilogy animated film by M2Film, but I can’t wrap my head around why they chose to have Jar Jar Binks in just about every scene! I also don’t understand (maybe I just missed something) as to why he appears to be vacuuming the entire time, regardless of whether or […]