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Watch the Newly Released Dragon Ball Z 2015 Movie Revival of “F” Trailers

Dragon Ball Z has made countless men and women fall in love with characters such as Goku, who, together with his gang defends the earth from all evil. It has been quite some time since we’ve seen something new from the franchise, but next year, we’re going to be treated to a new film: Dragon […]

Pre-Order Appleseed Alpha and Get the Blu-ray at 36% Off!

From the of Ghost in the Shell and the director of Appleseed comes the intense post-apocalyptic prequel, Appleseed Alpha. Much awaited by fans, the prequel is based off of the Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Masamune Shirow. The franchise has reached quite some success, with videos, movies, and games being made about it. […]

Giveaway: 3 Anime Tees From Boomslank

One can never have too many tees, don’t you think? And, if they’re as cool-looking as these anime tees by Boomslank, you definitely want to have more than one in your closet. You know, so you can bring along a spare one after playing laser tag. You may be wondering where the name came from, […]

How To Introduce Kids To Anime

Introducing kids to anime is easier said than done. Whether it’s your own child, your younger sibling, or your niece or nephew, you have to take a few things into consideration. You can’t shove Death Note down a 6-year-old’s throat no matter how “mature” they are for their age. That’s why we compiled a list […]

Time of EVE: The Movie

Time of EVE is a must-watch Japanese animated film for science fiction fans. Set in a world where sentient androids and humans are practically indistinguishable from one another, this film follows two childhood friends who discover a safe place where humans and androids are considered equals. Fans of physical media will be happy to know that […]

Save 15% On Anime: A History!

Call yourself the ultimate anime fan by finding out everything you can about the history of anime, from its ups and downs to its production and reception. Anime: A History by Jonathan Clements is a detailed history of Japanese animation that has everything you want to know! You can get Anime: A History on Amazon for only […]

When Pokémon Meets Nature – Fan Art

Artist Jake Carter took his Pokémon fan art to the next level by using leaves, rocks, and twigs to illustrate various Pokémon like Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander, and more. His series is called Natural Pokémon and you can see the whole set here.   See more of Jake Carter’s work on his Instagram! (Via Neatorama)

10 Best Anime of 2013

Another year is coming to a close and that means it’s time to look back at some of the best anime of 2013. Again, I have put together a list of what I think are the top 10 anime of the year. This is a subjective list so it might not match what others had […]

Making Comics in a New World‏

The two biggest and most important comic markets are Japan’s Mangas and comic book Super Heroes from the USA. They have inspired many people and have become a huge part of culture in their native lands and around the world. But what about the little guys? Web comics have become an outlet for comic book fans, artists […]

Untapped Potential

Now we all love a good inter-company crossover. Over the years, Superman and Batman have met characters as diverse as the Predator to Bugs Bunny; Superman has met the Thundercats (and going back in time a few decades, He-Man and the Masters Of The Universe), while the Avengers, well......

New Anime for Winter 2013

With a new year and a new season comes a fresh batch of anime straight from Japan. Here’s a look at some of the new anime that will be airing this season. Ai Mai Mi The members of an anime club experience adventures in all sorts of situations as they create their manga. AKB0048 Next […]

Weekly Anime Viewing vs Marathoning

It used to be easy for English-speaking anime fans to decide on whether to watch one episode of a series per week or burn through the whole thing at once. Limited sources of anime usually meant that you had to wait for a series to air on a local channel or get the entire series […]

10 Silly Anime Weapons

A lot of strange ideas can come out of anime sometimes, and that includes the weapons that are used. Some of them do not exist, while others would never actually work in real life. This is a compilation of 10 such weapons that I found amusing and the anime that they’re from. Machinegun Mounted Segways […]

Finally: A Mass Effect Movie (Sort of)

BioWare is teaming with FUNimation Entertainment to create an anime feature film set in the Mass Effect universe. Don’t bother looking for Commander Shepard or any of his crew. This animated movie will tell a story that takes place in the game’s universe, but stars original characters created just for the film.

Is Anime for Kids?

If you’ve grown past your teenage years and still watch anime, you’ve probably heard this before, “anime is for kids,” but is it really? Sure, most anime fans seem to be teenagers, but does that mean that they’re the only audience that anime is targeting? Are adults in their twenties and up who still watch […]