Gifts for the Anime Fan

With the season of giving fast approaching, many people are scrambling to find presents for everyone on their list that will make them happy. This can be a difficult task if one of those people is an anime fan. Buying DVDs and manga are typically not a good idea because anime fans typically already own […]

Introducing Someone to Anime

Every once in a while I get asked what would be a good series to introduce someone to anime. There is no single answer as everyone has different tastes, but I have found that some series seem to stick more than others. After asking people how they got into anime and which series they found […]

Are You an Anime Fan, Otaku, or Weeaboo?

I’m sure almost everyone has heard of an anime fan, but if you spend some time on anime sites, you may have come across the terms “otaku” and “weaboo” as well. So what do these words mean and what do they have to do with anime, you ask? Well, luckily for you I’m going to […]