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10 Awesome Portal Fan Films

Few video games franchises have inspired as many fan films as Portal. Something about the pathos of the wickedly insane A.I. GLaDOS struck a nerve with geeks everywhere. Here are 10 of the very best Portal fan films.

Check Out ‘Aperture: Lab Ratt’ Portal Fan Film

Portal and Portal 2 have inspired many a fan film, but this one looks like something very unique. It’s just a trailer for now, but it distinguishes itself from the pack with a distinctive art house vibe.

Portal 2: Gentlemen, I give you Panels

Valve sure knows how to keep us excited for Portal 2. I came from a tech demo earlier showing how Portal 2 can be played using motion capture controls (on a Wii) and was completely blown away. With the approach of the year’s most anticipated puzzle / adventure game, Valve finally gives a name to […]