5 Anime That Love Apple

Konata admiring an iPad

News of the death of Steve Jobs last week was a major disappointment to the tech industry and people around the world. As people remember how he and Apple changed the world with products such as the iPod and iPhone, I think it would be interesting to take a look at what kind of influence […]

20 Incredible Tributes to Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was always a very quotable man, and this tribute uses his own words to create a portrait.

Steve Jobs was one of us. The ultimate anti-establishment rebel who became the establishment, yet refused to play by anyone else’s rules. A geek kid from California who dropped out of college, played with electronics in his garage, and over the course of his 56 years, changed the world forever. Jobs’ fans and admirers are […]

Realizations while creating this desktop wallpaper tribute


EDIT: The original image is traced back to the young Jonathan Mak. I found an Apple logo with Steve’s silhouette serving as the bite mark. I don’t recall exactly where I found it, but I really wanted to turn it into a little tribute wallpaper. Problem was, the image was around 300 x 300 and […]

The justinCase. Protect your iPhone and your private parts


As an iPhone 4 owner I’ve tried many cases to protect my precious device.  Apple’s iPhone 4 Bumper is a nice addition which shows off the beauty of the phone, but fails to truly protect the phone in the event of a drop.  Not good given my penchant for dropping phones.  The BoxWave Keyboard Buddy […]

Hasbro My3D Handheld Viewer for iOS devices. A high-tech View-Master


As a child many of you probably enjoyed a great deal of time with Hasbro’s View-Master, I know I did.  The device, since retails sales of the device began in 1939, has been a toy providing hours of fun for those desiring to view 3-D images on paper disks inserted into the View-Master.  Starting April […]