Fake Playmobil Apple Store Is Too Cool for Words

I usually despise April Fool’s Day pranks, but this one is so awesome, I wish it was real. I would totally play with this with my kids. It’s a miniature Apple Store in the form of a Playmobil playset.

iPhone Playing Cards

Only hardcore Apple fanboys and fangirls need apply. For $25 plus shipping, you can show the world just how serious you are about your love for the world’s most magical phone — the iPhone. That hefty price is probably related to the unusual size of the cards, which are about an inch taller than the […]

iRun. An athletic geek’s device for running the 2011 Tokyo Marathon [Video]

Sometimes geeks, dweebs, nerds, whatever you want to call those into technology, are pegged as less than athletic.  Typing on a computer, playing Wii or Kinect, or reenacting lightsaber duels from Star Wars, while requiring movement, aren’t exactly  athletic endeavors.

iPad 2: It’s All About Gaming, Baby

Lest you have any lingering doubt that Apple’s iOS is a gaming platform to be reckoned with, today’s events hammered the idea home. The iPad 2, just unveiled today by His Steveness, features a graphics processing that’s nine times the speed of the original iPad. That’s some monstrous horsepower, particularly for a device that was […]

The Best iPad 2 Review – Ever!

If you think that your iPad is the best thing that Apple has ever come up with, think again! The rumor mill is ablaze with talk that the iPad 2 is coming out very very soon; although, as usual, no one can give any conclusive data. If you are detail kind of guy, then you […]

Angry Birds playable birthday cake [Video]

Angry Birds.  Regardless of  the platform one chooses to play the game on, it’s addictive, fun, and as the number of downloads prove, immensely popular.

Quick Cite: Bibliography App for Dummies

Anyone who has had to write a paper that required bibliographical notes knows how much of a pain it could be. You have to know which style your audience requires. You have to know it by heart – either that or always check the style guide. Freelance writers with clients who require a specific style […]

Latest Steampunk creation an iPhone and Android stand, weapon or both?

Do regular iPhone, Android, iPod Touch, or any other smallish, portable device stands result in you uttering, “meh?”

TankBot from Desk Pets. Robotic tank control with an iOS device

Do you love your iOS device(s)?  Have you longed for the ability to control a robot tank with your device?  If you answered yes to the aforementioned questions, then your dreams will soon become true.

14-year-old holds top free iTunes App Store spot with Bubble Ball

The top free app in the iTunes App Store does not belong to “Fruit Ninja Lite,” “Cut the Rope,” or even an offering from “Angry Birds.”  No, the top spot is held by a game released December 29, 2010, Bubble Ball.