Angry Birds landing on Mattel board game

Angry Birds is a tremendously fun game.  Those with an iPhone, iPad, Android device, or Mac, are no doubt aware of its addictive nature.  Thanks to Mattel, the wildly popular game seeks to make the jump from electronic devices to a board game, allowing one to play the game with physical birds, pigs and other […]

Wins and Fails This Week in Geek v 11

Here we are: on the cusp of 2011, waving tearfully at 2010 and wishing it bon voyage, or telling it not to let the door hit it in the arse…depending on the kind of year you’ve had. And here we are wrapping up another week in geek, just in time to gather with friends and […]

The 12 Geek Trees of Christmas

The modern Christmas tree is more than a thing to put presents under. It’s a representation of your tastes, your hobbies, even your personality. Mash up some wildly outside-the-box creativity with the kind of devotion that only a geek can have, and you get some amazingly awesome Christmas trees. Like these. Dalek Tree Such a […]

There Is More to this MacBook than Meets the Eye

“Once you go MacBook, you won’t go back.” So I took a little liberty with that expression, but who cares? I think that anyone who has worked on one of these babies knows that it is quite hard to go back to a Windows machine – hard but not impossible. Now, if you were to […]

iPhone as a Tool for the Visually Impaired

‘Tis no secret how I have always wanted an iPhone, but priorities dictate that I spend my money otherwise. (Yes, I can be responsible when I want to.) After reading this guy raving about his new iPhone though, I just can’t help but feel more excited about the product. It’s not like I need the […]

Use iTunes? Try iTunes Instant

I despise searching in iTunes. Don’t get me wrong — I’m a major Applehead. But iTunes’ search is one area where Steve seriously dropped the ball. It’s painfully slow and ridiculously disorganized, a failure in every way. One user decided he had enough, so he created iTunes Instant, an easy, browser-based search engine for iTunes. […]

Wins and Fails This Week in Geek

As we roll towards week’s end, it’s time to reflect on the WINS and FAILS of this week in geek. WIN: The Walking Dead Freshly edged out of its long-occupied #1 spot of most watched trailers on IMDB, The Walking Dead‘s TV adaptation (from a zombie comic penned by Robert Kirkman – for the uninitiated) […]

The Unibody Cutting Board

As an Apple fan and foodie this macboook unibody replica wood cutting board is to drool over. I have a thing with wood cutting boards, I own a unique handmade one bought on Etsy made from different kind of woods and I own a simple bamboo one. If you have a designer kitchen interior this […]

Apple Launches Social Network, Destroys Cable TV

There were some jaws that had to be picked up off the floor this morning when Apple held its latest media event. Emceed as ever by Steve Jobs, the event was primarily about Apple updating its entire line of iPods, but it was a handful of other announcements that stole the show. Here’s a quick […]

The Woz to Appear on The Big Bang Theory

Fun, fun, fun! Yesterday, Steve Wozniak’s Facebook status was “What’s it like to film an episode of Big Bang Theory? I’ll let you know tonight, but not what the episode is about.” Now you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to get the message – he is making an appearance in what is arguably […]

If It’s Not an iPhone, Why Would I Want It?

Why do you want an iPhone? Some of the hardcore Apple fanboys would probably fire off a long list of why the iPhone is coolest and the best mobile phone out there, but if you ask me, many people might actually be “Apple zombies.” If you ask them why the want the iPhone, they’ll probably […]

5 Epic Apple Fails

iMac. iPod. iPhone. iPad. Everything Apple touches turns to gold. Or does it? Apple’s history is filled with mistakes and outright failures — products that even the most ardent fans shunned, and that Apple itself would rather pretend never happened. We can all forgive Apple its missteps, because you can’t achieve the peak of coolness […]

Apple unveils iPhone 4

Today at WWDC, Steve Jobs unveiled the long-awaited and already-leaked iPhone 4 — which is not the “iPhone 4G,” as was anticipated. Here are the highlights: The design of the iPhone has been completely overhauled. Gone is the soap-shaped smartphone of… well, yesterday. Instead, we have a sleek new ultra-thin device shaped not unlike a […]

Cordless Wall Charger for iPhone

I have my iPhone 3G for more then a year now but I still don’t have a stand alone charger for it. When I’m away from home I always borrow one. But cable chargers are always a hassle, I have no patience for cables if I have to take them along with me. Now thanks […]

10 Gorgeous iPad Freebies

The iPad has been with us for over a month. How many great apps can developers create in a month’s time? How many of those apps are beautiful, taking full advantage of the iPad’s high-def touchscreen and lightning-fast responsiveness? And how many of those are available to download for free? Turns out, quite a lot. Everyone […]

Give your MacBook a LEGO makeover

Etsy is home to all things handmade — both kooky and wondrous. Here’s one that could be either, depending on your love of plastic building blocks. An Etsy seller called “openandclose” has made available a set of stickers for your MacBook keyboard that resemble LEGO bricks. Specifically, the tops of LEGO bricks, where the studs […]

iWant an iWatch

I need this. I do. Seriously. Sadly, they don’t make it yet. It’s just a concept cooked up by the clever folks at ADR Studio. Their concept design includes an aluminum body, built-in WiFi and Bluetooth (with which you can sync with your iPhone or iPad), an integrated RSS reader, 16GB of memory, a weather […]

Cupidtino: Dating Site For Apple Geeks

Everyone loves Apple. Everyone wants an iPhone, a Mac, or an iPad – anything Apple! But, we know that there are those want those products and there are those who live for them: the Apple geeks. Ask yourself these questions: • Do you have posters of Steve Jobs plastered all over the walls of your […]