Angry Birds landing on Mattel board game

Angry Birds

Angry Birds is a tremendously fun game.  Those with an iPhone, iPad, Android device, or Mac, are no doubt aware of its addictive nature.  Thanks to Mattel, the wildly popular game seeks to make the jump from electronic devices to a board game, allowing one to play the game with physical birds, pigs and other […]

The 12 Geek Trees of Christmas


The modern Christmas tree is more than a thing to put presents under. It’s a representation of your tastes, your hobbies, even your personality. Mash up some wildly outside-the-box creativity with the kind of devotion that only a geek can have, and you get some amazingly awesome Christmas trees. Like these. Dalek Tree Such a […]

Use iTunes? Try iTunes Instant


I despise searching in iTunes. Don’t get me wrong — I’m a major Applehead. But iTunes’ search is one area where Steve seriously dropped the ball. It’s painfully slow and ridiculously disorganized, a failure in every way. One user decided he had enough, so he created iTunes Instant, an easy, browser-based search engine for iTunes. […]

Wins and Fails This Week in Geek

Microsoft Metro Mouse

As we roll towards week’s end, it’s time to reflect on the WINS and FAILS of this week in geek. WIN: The Walking Dead Freshly edged out of its long-occupied #1 spot of most watched trailers on IMDB, The Walking Dead‘s TV adaptation (from a zombie comic penned by Robert Kirkman – for the uninitiated) […]

The Unibody Cutting Board


As an Apple fan and foodie this macboook unibody replica wood cutting board is to drool over. I have a thing with wood cutting boards, I own a unique handmade one bought on Etsy made from different kind of woods and I own a simple bamboo one. If you have a designer kitchen interior this […]

The World of Apple: A Visual Look at The Company's Timeline and Some Interesting Statistics


Our colleagues over at Apple Gazette had a look at the product and stock value history of the popular Cupertino based company. The result is an awesome infographic and lots of interesting statistics. Below a teaser image of the infographic, view the complete file at AppleGazette.