Jon Stewart rants about iPhone 4G mess

As much as I don’t want to keep this ridiculous story going forever… this is way too good not to share. Jon Stewart puts a voice to what all of us are really thinking about this silly iPhone 4G leak investigation, and Apple’s gestapo-like security tactics. So brilliant, it’s poetry.

The Recap: Gizmodo, the iPhone 4th Gen, and Beer

Well, as much as I hate talking about rumors, fact is, this is a mammoth story, and it needs to be addressed here on Apple Gazette. This is going to recap the saga that is the 4th-Gen iPhone, Engadget, Gizmodo, Apple, and everything in between. But before we can talk about what it is and […]

Apple, when their popularity works against them

I love Apple products, I bought my first iBook early 2004 and have been a 100% Apple user since then. I even allow myself the OS X vs. Windows discussion now and then with friends. But since the iPod made Apple more mainstream then niche it has grown in users outside the hardcore longtime Apple […]

iPhone 4G leaked

As we speak, Apple is probably on the phone with a team of lawyers that are preparing to dive-bomb a popular gadget blog. Last week, a lost iPhone 4G prototype turned up in a bar in Redwood City, California. It quickly became the holy grail of tech devices, and Gizmodo managed to get its hands on […]

Unboxing the iPad infographic

Johnathan Bonnell and John Kumahara have created/designed an infographic detailing recent data statistics about the iPad. Besides being beautiful designed the infographic contains interesting facts such as usage intention and amount iPad sold compared to the first iPhone. The majority of users will use the iPad to browse the internet, email and read books. Surprisingly […]

iPhone getting its own social gaming network

The iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad are about to get their very own version of Xbox Live or PlayStation Network. As part of the new features unveiled today for iPhone OS 4 (but no new hardware was announced, sorry), Apple is this summer launching a feature called Game Center, which adds friend invites, multiplayer matchmaking, […]

iPad Smoothie, Anyone?

It’s summer in my part of the world, and man, is it HOT! I spent the weekend – an extended one – at the beach, and even there, the heat almost seemed unbearable at times. Even a soak in the cool ocean water was sometimes not enough to make me feel refreshed. Of course, I […]

Making Movies Real – Building Project Jarvis

Sometimes, normal people do things that just amaze me. Chad Barraford of Brookline, Massachusetts, saw the movie Iron Man and decided that he wanted to turn the fictional Jarvis – the talking computer in charge of Tony Stark’s home, workshop and  Iron Man suit – into reality. To do it, he used a combination of […]

Faux iPad experience on your netbook

This past week-end it seemed like everyone I follow on Twitter who lives in the U.S. got an iPad. For two days 80% of tweets appearing on my screen where about the iPad. Of course now I want one more then before but I have to resign waiting for release in The Netherlands which isn’t […]

Dammit. I'm Gonna Have to Get an iPad

Normally I’d write this over at Apple Gazette – your source for excellent Apple news, reviews and commentary – but let’s face it; there’s nothing geekier right now than the iPad. I originally thought that it wasn’t worth my time. There was no reason for me to get an iPad when my laptop and iPhone […]

The AT&T/Verizon/Apple Thing

Ever since the iPhone came out, there’s been talk about it moving over to Verizon. Speculation has been going rampant since day 1, and now there’s a new rumor about it coming back up to the surface, but this time it’s from the Wall Street Journal. Apple Inc. plans to begin producing this year a […]

Learning to Program

A few years back, I was working for my father at his software company, running the shipping department. It got boring over the slow season, so I started asking around about learning how to program. I had dabbled in programming when I was a kid, but now I was in my 20s and more geared […]

10 ways to win an iPad

Look at that thing. It’s shiny. It’s sleek. It’s calling to you… The problem? You don’t got the coin. Well, it turns out that several of those “hundreds of thousands of iPad pre-orders” we’ve been hearing about were bought for contest/giveaway purposes. Websites and magazines are giving away free iPads to the cash-deprived, and in […]

Apple finally embracing social media

Notoriously secretive tech/geek utopia Apple — which actually forbids its employees from having their own blogs — might finally be signing on with the social media revolution. It’s only been going on for you know, like… four whole years. (That’s how old both Facebook and Twitter are, and yes, I’m intentionally ignoring the horrendous mess […]

Spice Up Your Party With A Steve Jobs Cheesehead

What in the world is a cheesehead? I suppose it is a perfect way to describe a block of cheese that has been carved into the shape of someone’s head. For the lack of a better word, I’m gonna stick with that term – try not to laugh every time you read it. Cheesehead. Anyhow, […]

Handheld gaming: the plot thickens

Until recently, the two major players in the handheld gaming wars have been Nintendo and PlayStation. The N has a strong history when it comes to handhelds, going back to the bestselling handheld gaming device of all time, the GameBoy. Sony has had significant success with the PlayStation Portable, an overall more powerful machine than […]

How many oranges does it take to charge an Apple (iPhone) ?

You know how important getting a regular intake of fruit is, right? Well, if you were ever thinking of trying to charge up your iPhone using oranges (c’mon, of course you were) here’s someone else doing the experiment so you don’t have to… or at least, you’ll know how many oranges and charging paraphernalia to […]

Give Apple and the iPad a break.

Yesterday for 45 minutes the internet went silent while “everyone” watched Steve Jobs present the iPad. I must say I was awed by it but then I didn’t spend months mulling over what Apple will be coming up with and setting my expectations higher and higher with each rumor. I did know what I don’t […]

Is Apple iPhone losing its app advantage?

When Apple opened up the iPhone to developers and launched the App Store, it was a wake up call, and set a benchmark for other mobile phone manufacturers to aspire to. Yes, it’s a much more closed system than the likes of Android, for example, but an iPhone user’s experience of purchasing apps via iTunes, […]

The 10 Best Apple Products of the Noughties

All in all I think it’s fair to say that the 2000s was a good decade for Apple. The Steve Jobs-led Cupertino-based company pushed out a number of products, and while not all were raging commercial successes, they all exuded that certain “Appleness” that fanboys love and competitors try not to admit to but are […]