Geeks Behind the Iron Curtain

Geek app

“Do you know about the kids behind the Iron Curtain who put together their own gaming consoles not to be cool, but because they could not afford them otherwise? Or that the Yugoslavian scientist Nikola Tesla, the biggest “geek” in history, got celebrated by having factories named after him? Would you like to know why […]

Must-Have Geeky Apps for Your Next Road Trip


Today, smartphone applications are available in so many iterations that it’s almost impossible to know which ones are worth the memory they’ll consume on your smart phone. When you’re searching for the best and most useful applications, you’re actually looking for those that will simplify your busy life. And when you’re on the road, apps […]

Making LEGO Movies Just Got a Lot Easier


When it comes to keeping fans happy, LEGO is on a roll. It seems like every week, LEGO announces some new product or feature that pays service to its base of hardcore fans. Their latest goodie: a free iPhone app that makes it super simple to film your own stop-motion LEGO movies.

Finally: Weather For Geeks


Okay, so “Swackett” isn’t made specifically for us geeks, per se. But I guarantee you’re going to love it. Swackett is an app that takes weather data from AccuWeather and presents it in a simplified way. Want to know what the weather is like right now, or the forecast for tomorrow? Instead of the temperature […]

A Phone Apps Infographic

Phones app infographic

Now that smartphones are the standard instead of the exception the app market is booming. Especially Apple’s Apps store is very successful. And not just because Apple sold so many iPhone’s, according to the infographic Blackberry sold more phones than Apple. I have a theory that one of the factors that Apple App store is […]

Essential FREE iPad apps


It’s time to stop pretending, people. Sure, we can try to talk about other stuff this week. But we all know that this is no ordinary week. The iPad goes on sale tomorrow, and with early reviews praising it as the revolutionary product we all hoped it would be, we might as well face it […]