April Fools’ 2013 Anime Style

It’s the start of a new year and that means it’s time again for some more April Fools’ Day pranks. Anime and Japanese Game companies love to get in on the action and here are just some of the pranks that have been spotted this year.

April Fools’ 2012 Anime Style

Anime-related companies are known for staging April Fools’ pranks every once in a while. With Google’s well-known pranks, some of the smaller ones can be over-looked. If you missed what went on in the anime world, worry not. Here are some of the pranks that went on over the weekend. (Note that some of the […]

NPB To ThinkGeek: Pork Is The ONLY "Other White Meat"

We all know about ThinkGeek and their proclivity for playing practical jokes on their readers. You know, the kind that has enough touch of reality that you just might fall for it. One of their latest pranks was to advertise canned Unicorn Meat on April Fool’s. You probably heard about it, but I don’t know […]