Do You Know Your Superhero Undies?

Design shop Design Different created a series of geeky and colorful posters that show popular superheroes and super villains. You might think it’s an idea that’s been done a million times over, but Design Different decided to focus on something different: their underwear. Some of the characters are easily identified, but there have been a few […]

Star Wars Papercraft Toys by Momot

The amount of heartbreak we get when we find something cool but realize it’s just concept art is immeasurable. Imagine what we felt when we saw these awesome photos of Star Wars papercraft toys and found out they’re just concepts. South Korean toy designer Momot created these images and gave us a craving we didn’t know we […]

Adventure Timey-Wimey Wibbly-Wobbly!

Artist James Hance gave us our favorite mashup of the day! His 9 year old daughter had an idea to make Adventure Timey-Wimey, an Adventure Time and Doctor Who crossover and even knew who all the characters would be. He’s raising a tiny genius, that one. Check out Jake as Ten and Finn as Eleven! We’d […]

The Ladies of Game of Thrones Go Disney

What happens when the ladies of Game of Thrones go Disney? They get cutesified, of course, but I love how artist Sam Tsui found little bits of similarities between the Disney princesses and the ladies of our favorite HBO fantasy TV show. In spite of the cuteness softening the characters, some of their edginess does […]

Famous Geeky Icons As Adorable Cats!

If you’re new to the internet (and let’s face it, there’s at least one person who’s new to the internet), then you may not know that cats are our official mascot. Illustrator A Ke, based in Shanghai, China, took famous geeky pop culture icons and designed them as our favorite furry friends. Check out cats dressed […]

Disney Princesses as Final Fantasy Classes

Forever Geek readers know how much we love our Disney Princesses. This time we’re featuring artist Geryes who designed this series of Disney Princess reimagined as awesome Final Fantasy classes. Badass versions of our Disney gals have got to be our favorites. For more interpretations of our kick-ass heroines, check out this series of Disney Princess Art […]

R-Rated Movies As Children’s Book Illustrations!

Out of all the geeky things reimagined into books, artist Josh Cooley has won the internet. His series of R-rated movies turned into children’s book illustrations has got to be the most interesting (and hilarious!) of the bunch. He’s got tons of illustrations up for sale on his site. With pieces that sell for $25-$50, there’s […]

Little Golden Books Meets Nintendo!

These children’s book covers are all sugar and happiness. (Not like the R-Rated movies turned into children’s book illustrations that we’ll post about later!) For now though, we’re all about the adorable and cute illustrations of Nintendo video games as children’s book titles. Artist Joey Spiotto took the classic Little Golden Books and mashed them up […]

Classic Video Games Reimagined as Romance Novels

This begins today’s series of posts all on popular video games and movies reimagined as books! When you think about romance novels, you instantly imagine a buff, barely-dressed man with long flowing locks, clutching an equally barely-dressed busy dame. It’s not something we’d be proud to show off reading while on the train, but it’s […]

Anti-Valentine Cards Are The Best Valentine Cards

I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s Day. Don’t ask why if you’re not prepared to hear an hour long rant about it. So imagine my surprise when I find something that’s related to this dreadful day that actually makes me crack a smile. Jen Lewis of Buzzfeed cheered up a very large percent of […]