When Superheroes Go Noir


Some people just like it dark, and if you’re that type, you’ll appreciate the work of Marko Manev, a mixed media artist, comic artist, writer, freelance graphic designer, and illustrator all rolled into one. He has drawn up a bunch of superhero posters, but they are not your usual colorful, eye-popping artwork. Marko calls his […]

These Are the American Presidents Kicking Butt


Last week, we saw the horrific side of American presidents in Presidential Monsters. This week, it’s the crusading, avenging, and perhaps whimsical side of some of the most powerful leaders in the world that we see. In today’s relaxed manner of speaking, what might very well be the coolest thing you’ll see this week is artwork […]

Hua Tunan’s Splatter Art Is the Best You’ll See This Week

Splatter Art

Have you ever tried creating works of art by melting crayon and quickly blowing so that the melted material will splatter all over a white sheet of paper? The idea is to create something beautiful, albeit maybe totally indecipherable. I hope that there’s at least one who can relate, so I don’t feel too weird. […]

Tolkien Week and Previously Undiscovered Lord of the Rings Illustrations

The New Middle Earth

It’s Tolkien Week this week, and it’s Hobbit Day on Saturday, September 22. Isn’t it but fitting to hear about previously undiscovered illustrations for the Lord of the Rings? Fans of Tolkien and his work can thank Dr. Paul Tankard, a senior lecturer and researcher at the University of Otago English Department for dusting the […]