Rare Calvin & Hobbes Art Print Up for Auction

As all fans of Calvin & Hobbes know, Bill Watterson shunned all tie-in merchandise for his creation, never selling so much as a bumper sticker. So it’s a very big deal that one lucky buyer is about to get an incredibly rare art print signed by the artist.

Go Retro with Superhero Pin-up Posters

Who says pin-up posters are outdated? Definitely not artist Maria Danalakis! This gal certainly knows what she was doing when she creates these retro superhero pin-up posters. Based out of Brooklyn, New York, Danalakis works with oil paint, paper collage, and loves Adobe Illustrator. She is a graphic artist and illustrator by profession. No wonder […]

Amazing Packing Tape Art

MacGyver may know his way around duct tape, but artist Max Zorn does his own stunning thing with packing tape. Duct tape has a lot of practical uses, but with packing tape, Max Zorn has done something astoundingly beautiful. How about portraits made with nothing but tape? Forget paint. Forget watercolor. Forget pencils. Just get […]

Speeding Superheroes Artwork: Catch ‘em if You Can

Superheroes and artwork will never get old. At least not if the artwork is good, or at the very least, interesting. I just discovered an artist by name of Keron Grant, and what he has done with a handful of superheroes is definitely interesting, and I dare say, awesome. ((Keron’s Work)) Don’t forget to get […]

Nursery Rhymes in Not-so-ordinary Graphic Depictions

Everyone knows their nursery rhymes, although the stories may vary from one culture to another. There may even be different versions of the same nursery rhymes. Even though we’re now all adults – age-wise, at least – I am pretty sure that your favorite nursery rhymes when you were kids hold a special place in […]

A Jack-Coke, Please – Magnified 1000x!

Christmas is just around the corner – how’s your Christmas shopping going? I have decided to skip Christmas this year, in the sense that I have not done – and will not do – any gift shopping. Most of you will probably do it differently, and if you are looking for last minute gift ideas, […]

Mona Lisa at Her Greasiest

Very quickly – name three things you can do with a burger. (Think of a big fat juicy burger as you rattle off those uses.) Here are my answers: Eat. Wolf down. Savor slowly. If you ask me, there is no other use for a burger than to fill up an empty stomach.  No matter […]

Hubble Telescope Infrared Impressionist Artwork

Forget Monet and his ability to provide his own impression of his surroundings, NASA this past week had an artist take infrared impressions from the Hubble Space Telescope and a ground-based telescope and then create artwork from what they believe the galaxy looks like. The images on this page were taken from NASA’s Image of […]

Custom Comic Book Wedding Invites

Getting married anytime soon?  If I can’t change your mind about that, how about just checking out this really cool store on Etsy?   The store is manned by a husband and wife team who actually came up with the idea of using comic book covers as a theme for their own wedding invitations back in […]