Own the Most Expensive Comic Book Ever by Bidding for It on eBay

Got about $2,000,000 lying around somewhere? Maybe stuffed into your mattress? If so, then you might have a chance to be the proud owner of the most expensive comic book ever. Listed on eBay as “Action Comics #1 (June 1938) Superman’s Debut, CGC 9.0 – Perfect White Pages”, the most expensive comic book ever is […]

Rare Calvin & Hobbes Art Print Up for Auction

As all fans of Calvin & Hobbes know, Bill Watterson shunned all tie-in merchandise for his creation, never selling so much as a bumper sticker. So it’s a very big deal that one lucky buyer is about to get an incredibly rare art print signed by the artist.

World’s Largest Toy Collection For Sale

Pennsylvania resident Jerry Greene really likes toy trains. So much so that the retired record producer spent 50 years amassing what’s believed to be the world’s largest collection of toy trains, train stations, and related models. He attended thousands of toy fairs and shows to build this antiques-filled collection piece-by-piece. Kept secret until recently, Greene has […]

Your Very Own Stargate

You might see a gigantic piece of the old Stargate: SG-1 set. But I’m thinking best lawn ornament ever. Assuming you have a lawn big enough to accommodate the thing. It’s a whopping 264 feet in diameter. Yes, this is an actual Stargate set prop from the show, and has been used on location to represent the […]

Buy Your Own Tardis. You Won't Be Able to Timetravel but It's Still a Tardis!

I really must be desperate right at the moment because chances that within the next 90 seconds you bunch are going to exterminate me are highly likely. Fact is that I am going to agree with Stephen Fry. I know this doesn’t happen often but last week the man bag carrying ‘geek’ was bang on […]