When Pigs Drink Whiskey, You Get Whiskey-Flavored Bacon

whiskey-flavored bacon

D’oh. That was pretty obvious, wasn’t it? Although in this case, the pork hasn’t been made into bacon yet. But it’s just a matter of time. Also, who would think of giving pigs whiskey to drink? If you told me that yesterday, I’d say what a waste of whiskey! Source However, it has been proven […]

Who Wants a Bacon T-shirt?

bacon t-shirt

This post should really only consist of one word: BACON. Nothing more needs to be said. Then again, for practical reasons, I have to elucidate a little bit… We’ve got TWO bacon t-shirts up for grabs, thanks to T-shirts.com. This Guy Loves Bacon I’d Wrap That in Bacon Want or not? I don’t think anyone […]

The Bacon Song


I am not so sure how I feel about Thursdays. Mondays and Fridays are easy. On Mondays, I am either really lethargic or raring to go, depending on how the weekend went. On Fridays, I am usually just like majority of the world’s working force: looking forward to the weekend. Thursdays, however, are so…indifferent, for […]

Who Wants Bacon Milkshake?

Bacon Milkshake

We love bacon. There is no denying that. For sure, we all agree that nothing beats bacon for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Bacon is bacon, and nothing more needs to be said. I have to admit, however, that there are so many things with bacon these days that you just can’t help but wonder if […]

Bacon Candy

Bacon Candy

The first time I heard about the combination of bacon and all things sweet, I totally balked. I mean, I love bacon and I love chocolate (who doesn’t?), but the thought of putting them together does not sit well with me. When Darice wrote about Chocolate Covered Bacon last year, though, I was almost convinced. […]