When Pigs Drink Whiskey, You Get Whiskey-Flavored Bacon

D’oh. That was pretty obvious, wasn’t it? Although in this case, the pork hasn’t been made into bacon yet. But it’s just a matter of time. Also, who would think of giving pigs whiskey to drink? If you told me that yesterday, I’d say what a waste of whiskey! Source However, it has been proven […]

The Ultimate Geeky Eat: The Holy Cow Father’s Day Special [Bacon Alert]

I used to think that bacon is bacon is bacon is bacon – and that nothing else will really top it. Bacon. Then I saw this creature called The Holy Cow, a burger that only a carnivorous freak with a large appetite will be able to consume in one sitting. It’s supposed to have 17 […]

Why Does Bacon Smell So Good?

Do you really care about the question, “Why does bacon smell so good?” I suppose when you’ve got a heaping pile of crispy bacon in front of you, you won’t have the time or inclination to ponder on the chemistry of the aroma of bacon. But, since I don’t smell any bacon frying right now, […]

Who Wants a Bacon T-shirt?

This post should really only consist of one word: BACON. Nothing more needs to be said. Then again, for practical reasons, I have to elucidate a little bit… We’ve got TWO bacon t-shirts up for grabs, thanks to T-shirts.com. This Guy Loves Bacon I’d Wrap That in Bacon Want or not? I don’t think anyone […]

Sweets So Geek: The Best Way to Satisfy That Sweet Tooth

Nothing makes one feel better than biting into a nice chunk of chocolate when stress levels are high. At least for those who have a sweet tooth. And even if you’re not really that much into sweets, I have a feeling that you will want to have your own stash of these sweets. Maybe the […]

The Bacon Song

I am not so sure how I feel about Thursdays. Mondays and Fridays are easy. On Mondays, I am either really lethargic or raring to go, depending on how the weekend went. On Fridays, I am usually just like majority of the world’s working force: looking forward to the weekend. Thursdays, however, are so…indifferent, for […]

Who Wants Bacon Milkshake?

We love bacon. There is no denying that. For sure, we all agree that nothing beats bacon for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Bacon is bacon, and nothing more needs to be said. I have to admit, however, that there are so many things with bacon these days that you just can’t help but wonder if […]

Bacon Candy

The first time I heard about the combination of bacon and all things sweet, I totally balked. I mean, I love bacon and I love chocolate (who doesn’t?), but the thought of putting them together does not sit well with me. When Darice wrote about Chocolate Covered Bacon last year, though, I was almost convinced. […]

Tomorrow Is International Bacon Day

Yes! I said bacon! B-A-C-O-N. That “sinful” thing that we all love to munch on any time of the day. I don’t know how exactly bacon became as big as it is now, but the whole ForeverGeek crew is united in loving everything bacon. We’ve brought you everything from a Bacon Lorem Ispum Generator to […]

The Lorem Ipsum Generator for Hipsters (And Bacon!)

We’ve all seen those pages of “nonsensical” text in a language that only a handful of people understand and/or speak today.  But did you know that Lorem Ipsum is really NOT nonsensical?  It may NOT make sense to the average person today, but this block of text used in the printing and typesetting industry (as […]