Win Banksy MacBook Decals and Wall Art from Vinyl Revolution!


Y’all know how much we admire Banksy’s work. From highlighting his actual work to showcasing Banksy tatts, we do love to share Banksy stuff. This time, we’ve partnered up with Vinyl Revolution to give ForeverGeek readers Banksy MacBook decals and wall art so you guys can show your affection for the iconic artist, too. Vinyl […]

Gorgeous Geek Graffiti that Could Even Impress Banksy


  Banksy, the well-known British street artist, recently left New York after living in the city for a month. There’s been some squawk about his purpose in visiting. Some feel he is a genius; others liken him to a pretentious hack. Of course, you’ll find that with just about any eccentric or creative individual. One […]

Hanksy Takes on Banksy’s Biplane

Hanksy Apollo 13

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery, and if that’s true, then Banksy’s just been handed out a pretty nice compliment. Artist Hanksy has made a name for himself by impersonating the elusive Banksy, and one of his latest spoofs is something that you just can’t ignore. Banksy fans will know his Biplane […]

7 Banksy Tattoos

Banksy Tattoo

Thanks to Franky I’ve become familiar with the artist Banksy. After reading all posts here and seeing videos inspired by his art work I have read about him on several other websites. From what I have read of him he seems a bit like Bill Watterson, the creator of Calvin and Hobbes. Both of them […]