Pop Culture Popsicles Bring Frozen Fun!

Super cool illustrator Andrew Heath took our favorite pop culture characters from TV shows, movies, and video games and turned them into colorful popsicles. We love how his ‘Pop Culture Popsicles’ series turns the likes of Walter White  and Ron Swanson into frozen delights. Andrew says he’ll be making 50 prints and selling them at the 2014 Lexington […]

Have $1 Million To Spare? Get This Street Legal Batman Tumbler

I’m not a car person, but I doubt anyone would pass up the chance to ride a street legal Batman Tumbler. Fans of this supercar (can we even call it a car?) from the Dark Knight movie can finally get their own street legal Tumbler. Don’t except much out of its performance, especially if you […]

10 Characters You Never Knew Were Time Lords

There’s something so iconic about Doctor Who‘s race of Time Lords, that either knowingly or not, countless storytellers have embedded Time Lord qualities into their characters. Today, there are secret Time Lords hiding throughout literature and film — you need only look a little closer to see them for what they really are. Don’t believe […]

These 1966 Batman Valentine Cards Will Make Your Day

Batman fan Mark Anderson bought a package of 1966 Batman Valentine cards from eBay and uploaded it for everyone’s amusement. These cards came out very soon after the Adam West TV series debuted, so they’re still using the comic book versions of the characters. The actors faces were used for the following year! No matter […]

Bat Bytes Sandwich Crust Cutters: Bite Off The Crime Of Crust!

Cut out the crusts of crime and injustice with these handy Bat Bytes Sandwich Crust Cutters from Amazon. Making the excuse that these will be “for the kids” shouldn’t cut it anymore! Whether you use it for sandwiches or cookies, these Bat Bytes Sandwich Crust Cutters will guarantee a superhero lunch. You’ll be the coolest guy […]

Best of the Bat: The Best Batman Storylines

As Batman celebrates his 75th birthday in 2014, we look back on some of the brightest moments in the history of Bob Kane and Bill Finger’s prized creation and has made him one of the most popular characters in fiction. Happy birthday, Batman. Hope you survive another 75 years! The Dark Knight Returns Writer/artist Frank […]

Batman wants you… to support the Vietnam War?

It starts with a message from the President of the United States of America. You don’t realize it at first since the message is coming from none other than Batman, the Caped Crusader himself. But as soon as Adam West goes, “Hello, boys and girls. I have a special message for you…”, your eyes and […]

I Don’t Know What To Feel About This: Hipster Superheroes

Artist Phillip Sevy is talented, no doubt about that. My feelings about his latest pieces are much more up to interpretation though. If you’ve ever wondered what the Batman universe or the X-Men universe would look like if everyone in it were hipsters, then Sevy has an answer for you. I admit my bias against […]

80s Movies: Stained Glass Posters by Van Orton Designs

If you ask us what the best and geekiest films are, we’ll give you a list of 80′s movies. No question. Twin brother designers from Van Orton Design paid homage to these iconic movies by creating stained-glass digital movie posters of Back to the Future, Blade Runner, Batman, and more! Head on over to Van […]

Save 32% On Solo: The Deluxe Edition

Take 12 of the greatest comic book creators and give them carte blanche over stories set in the DC Universe and you’ll get something like Solo. With art by Tim Sale, Darwyn Cooke, and so much more, Solo features 12 separate stories that include westerns, sci-fi thrillers, and of course, superhero epics. Solo: The Deluxe […]