I Get Around: The Best Vehicles in Comics

Not every hero can fly... or ride public transport

For any superhero to get anywhere, they need to be able to travel. Since not all our protagonists can just take flight or teleport, they’ve had to use some unique forms of transportation to get to their desired destination. Here are some of our favorites. The Batmobile Like there was ever any doubt? Throughout its […]

Dark Knight Driving

I'd soon get out of the way of this beast!

With the passing of San Diego Comic Con last weekend and the release of the Dark Knight Rises this Friday, I thought I would examine one aspect of the Batman mythos that has endured beyond anyone’s expectations. At SDCC we saw the release of a picture of the new Batmobile, and although I cannot say […]

Your Own Batmobile


No, your eyes are not deceiving you. You can now order your very own officially-licensed 1966-era Batmobile. Assuming you have a spare $149,999 lying around. Fiberglass Freaks claims that their Batmobile is an exact replica of the car from the campy Adam West/Burt Ward TV show, and it really works. You even get Batman‘s signature […]