10 Crazy and Weird USB Sticks

Last days have seen an increase in the number of new ridiculous USB sticks. We already reported the skate drive and the Post-It USB stick but things have gotten only worse since then. Newest additions are the handmade Tokyo Cat (pictured at the right) and the USB Green Man. Obviously there is the Hello Kitty […]

10 'Real' Celebrity Geeks on Twitter

140 Characters which have become a normal part of life for every geek now also are gathering really fast mainstream coverage and growing faster and faster non-stop. Obviously I am speaking about Twitter. The Twitter leaderboard has undergone huge changes and tech-celebrities seem drop the rankings and it won’t last long anymore before the tech […]

15 Best Battlestar Galactica Characters

The Battlestar Galactica Series coming to an end and the (main) characters are dropping like flies. To review the whole reimagined series before they reach the ultimate climax, we thought it were time to round up all the characters and publish a list of our 15 Best Battlestar Galactica Characters.The list is based on the […]

Ten of The Best Comics Online You Should Follow

There are thousands of webcomics published every day and finding great comics isn’t always an easy task. Over the next 4 weeks I will weekly publish a list of my favourite webcomics. Sinfest Sinfest is one of those instant classic comics. Hard to describe, but totally funny. Actually this is one of the only webcomics […]

Top 30 Greatest Star Wars Characters

Ask any legitimate Star Wars fan who their favorite character is and you’re likely to get a different answer each time. Now take those Star Wars fans, let them debate the same question, and you might be left with a bloodbath on your hands. While Star Wars: Episode VII may seem far, far away, hardcore […]

Beginner’s guide to podcasts and podcasting (plus: how to create a basic podcast of your own)

Much has been said about podcasts and podcasting since they were popularized especially in the tech/geek scene more than a year back. Just like blogs, podcasts are yet another Web 2.0 offshoot, bringing content-generation away from centralized sources (i.e., radio, television) into the consumers themselves–we are now prosumers of information and content. We produce, and […]