6 Things We Cannot Wait To Experience in Fallout 4

When I heard the news about the Fallout 4 trailer and then saw it, my bowels gave out. That’s right. I was so excited I shit myself. I am not proud of it, but seeing the 400 hours I put into Fallout 3 and New Vegas, this genuine and overwhelming joy was completely justified. And though I feel ashamed I crapped myself out of joy, Fallout 4 is the perfect excuse for such a moment of shame. This is a new Fallout, people. And yes, for those wondering, I am one of those Fallout fanboys who think the game is about as astounding as games can get, so if you don’t want to hear praise piled upon this series for next 20 minutes, you may want to click over and read this instead. For those sticking around, here are 6 things we (as in me and all the voices in my head) cannot wait to experience in Fallout 4.

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Gimme a Break! Fallout: Nuka Break is a fan-made delight

Fans of Bethesda Softworks’ post-apocalyptic RPG have been patiently waiting for Fallout: New Vegas in 2010. In the meantime, while rumors of any subsequent Fallout chapters remain up in the air, check out this non-profit, fan-made web series set in the Fallout universe. Following the adventures of a former Vault dweller, a mutant ghoul, and an escaped slave, this group travels across the ruins of what was once the western United States.

Take a look for yourself.

Meanwhile, here’s a recap from a few years ago: Bethesda Gets Fallout MMO Rights from Interplay.