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Gimme a Break! Fallout: Nuka Break is a fan-made delight

Fans of Bethesda Softworks’ post-apocalyptic RPG have been patiently waiting for Fallout: New Vegas in 2010. In the meantime, while rumors of any subsequent Fallout chapters remain up in the air, check out this non-profit, fan-made web series set in the Fallout universe. Following the adventures of a former Vault dweller, a mutant ghoul, and […]

New ‘Dishonored’ DLC Continues the Story (Sort of)

Players of Dishonored — probably my favorite game of 2012 — may remember an assassin named Daud, a character who made a strong impression and wielded the same supernatural abilities as the heroic Corvo. Now Daud’s starring in his own DLC episode and looking for redemption.

Dishonored Getting 3 DLC Packs

One of my favorite games of the year, Dishonored, is getting at least three add-on packs over the coming months. Here’s what we know.

Obsessed With Dishonored

I have a problem. I’m obsessed with Dishonored. I know it’s not healthy, but I can’t help it. This game looks like a gloriously ingenious play experience.

Dishonored’s All-Star Cast

Arkane Studios has been sitting on a heck of a secret for some time now, but in honor of QuakeCon, they’ve finally announced the incredible voice cast of Dishonored.

Dishonored: The E3 Demos

Couldn’t go to E3? Arkane Studios feels your pain. So they’ve posted their behind-closed-doors demos of Dishonored online, and when you watch, you’ll know why the game is getting so much buzz.

Doom 3 is Back With New Content

And now for the news that no one is waiting for: Bethesda’s id Software is re-releasing Doom 3 in a special “BFG Edition” this Fall, which includes re-mastered content and seven new levels.

‘The Elder Scrolls Online’ Announced

Game Informer has just unveiled their June cover story, and it’s one of their biggest exclusives ever: the announcement of The Elder Scrolls Online. The Tamriel-set MMO has been rumored to exist for ages, but today it became official.

Prey 2 Not Cancelled, Just Delayed

The rumors have gotten louder and louder over the last month. “Has Prey 2 been cancelled?” Bethesda refused to comment on the rumors in all that time, but today they’ve finally spoken out. There’s good news and bad news. UPDATED 4.20.12.

Watch This: ‘Dishonored’ Debut Trailer

Are you a fan of animated game trailers? They’re like short films, with big-budget, high-quality, all CGI visuals that present zero game footage but show off the tone and story of the game? Dishonored‘s new one might just knock your socks off.

Bethesda Gets Fallout MMO Rights from Interplay

The legal battle between Bethesda and Interplay over the rights to make an MMO based on the Fallout franchise has at last been resolved. Basically: Bethesda wins, but owes Interplay $2 million.

Review: Rage

Rage is an attempt by the makers of Doom and Quake to step outside of the box and do something unexpected. On that goal, they’ve succeeded, but you’ll never be confused about who made the game.

A Closer Look at Rage

Bethesda Softworks is revealing some juicy goodies to gamers in anticipation of Rage‘s forthcoming release in early October. Win a copy of Rage for the PS3 here

Arkane & Bethesda Announce New IP: ‘Dishonored’

When Bethesda Softworks announces a brand new title, gamers shut up and pay attention. Okay, so they’ve had a few clunkers (not sure what they were thinking with Wet, and I still can’t make much progress with Brink), but this is the studio that brings us The Elder Scrolls and Fallout, for crying out loud. And […]

Prey 2 is Blade Runner in Space

Killian Samuels is about to go where no man has gone before. In Prey 2 — a sequel just barely connected to its namesake — this air marshal is quite literally “abducted by aliens” while on an air flight, no less. After being taken to the alien world Exodus, via circumstances yet to be revealed, […]

Brink is Here. Ready to Play?

A final trailer has been released for Brink, the new IP from Bethesda Softworks and Splash Damage, in anticipation of its launch. Which coincidentally, happens to be today. Brink hopes to redefine the “online universe” genre for the first-person shooter generation.

Bethesda Shows Off Jaw-Dropping New Screens

Man, does Bethesda Softworks have an amazing catalog of titles coming up, or what? They have id’s brand new franchise Rage, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, buzz-worthy MMO/FPS Brink, the intriguing “alien noire” of Prey 2, and more. Today, Bethesda let loose a whole slew of new screenshots from all of their upcoming titles, and they’re […]

Everything You Need to Know About Brink

Bethesda just announced that they’re dropping Brink on the gaming public one week earlier than planned. So if you’re scratching your head, wondering just what Brink is and why you should care (and I assure you, you should), we’ve got the goods right here.