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Best Easter Eggs Ever

In honor of Easter, here are 23 eggs that get my vote for the greatest and geekiest ever.

More Binary Goodness

Vi Hart’s Binary Hand Dance just got me thinking about all things binary. We at ForeverGeek seem to have a penchant for 1s and 0s as well. Just check out the archives, and you’ll find entries such as The Binary Ring and Binary Watch for Dad. If you are looking for some cool binary stuff, […]

Learn Binary By Doing the Binary Hand Dance

Roundabouts Pi Day 2011, I discovered this really smart girl called Vi Hart. She made a very strong case about her idea that pi is wrong, and while I can’t seem to accept the fact that pi is wrong ((Go ahead, check out why she says pi is wrong)), her video is really really cool. […]

T-Shirts Every Geek Should Have. Perfect Geeky Gifts for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s day is creeping in on us and what to be your favorite geek? Geek have a weekness other than gizmos and cubicle war weapons: t-shirts. You can find lots of schwag given away by online brands, but many geeks prefer to be more original and show their true nature with nerdy t-shirts.As a big […]