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3D Biology: From The Microscope To The Printer.

This is a guest post by Louise Hughes who currently has a Kickstarter campaign for Human Chromosome Jewellery Microscopy is a staple technology in the biological sciences and is not only informative but often quite beautiful. There are now numerous different types of microscopy used to study biology, the main ones using a beam of […]

Pottery for the Biology Enthusiast

You all know how I adore Etsy and the talent that can be found there, but after yesterday’s discovery, I began to have slight doubts. Thanks to a reader of ours, Lisa Townley, I made another Etsy discovery that actually made think, “Cool!” Prior to taking Biology classes in high school, I thought I was […]

Cellcraft is the most complicated point and click game ever made

Reality check: Middle school was an uphill climb especially when it came to the life sciences and basics of chemistry. Don’t get me wrong — I enjoyed the books about plants and animals, but that came much later on, right after the study of cells, which is essentially Biology 101. It’s something you HAD to […]

Learn Science the Artsy Way

Science class was always fun for me – except when we had to dissect a frog. The theories, however, were a never ending source of fascination. Now art, that’s a totally different matter. I know what looks good to me – that’s about it. I think it’s great how Michele Banks of Washington, DC has […]