Little Sister From Bioshock 2: Freaky-Awesome Cosplay!

Cosplayer BewitchedRaven is freaky in the most awesome way as she poses as a Little Sister (a young Eleanor Lamb) from the second Bioshock game. Bioshock 2 might not be as popular as the first or the third game, but it’s still very close to our gamer hearts. Try your best not to get lured […]

Best Costume of the Year – So Far: Big Sister from Bioshock 2

Halloween is months away, but if you are hell bent on winning this year’s costume contest, you had better start working on your look NOW. With all the sci-fi, fantasy, games, etc. themes, you really have so much to choose from. The key in winning is to get ahead of the competition and to blow […]

New viral site drums up interest for Bioshock 2

Bioshock fans who loved the first game, rejoice! If viral teaser sites that have popped up on the net can be believed, we are about to get more details and possibly the imminent arrival of the sequel to the hit game — Bioshock 2: Sea of Dreams. It’s no surprise that the sequel to Bioshock […]