This Bioshock Cosplay Blows Everything Else Out of the Water

When cosplay is so good that we can’t tell the difference between it and a screenshot of the game, is it still called “realistic”? Whatever it is, it’s super awesome. This incredible Bioshock cosplay has Eve Beauregard as Elizabeth and Nathan DeLuca as Booker with background art from Bioshock Infinite so it looks like it was taken straight from the […]

Genderswapped Booker DeWitt from Bioshock Infinite Cosplay

Angela Bermudez just might be our favorite Booker DeWitt so far. From the makeup to the costume and the props (check out that Devil’s Kiss vigor bottle), Bermudez has got us wishing for a female Booker more than ever. This could be a DLC I could actually look forward to! Paging Ken Levine! See more […]

Bundle Up With a Bioshock Blanket

If you’ve been wishing for an Incinerate plasmid just to warm yourself up, then take comfort in this Bioshock blanket by Look Human. This fleece throw blanket is available in 30×40 inch, 50×60 inch, and 60×80 inch sizes. You can choose between the original Bioshock blanket and a Bioshock Infinite Blanket! (Via Look Human)

Win a Copy of BioShock Infinite for the Console of Your Choice!

It may be the day when everyone wants to pull off the best prank ever, but we’re not here to tease you. Instead, we want to make gamers rather happy and excited to get their hands on a copy of BioShock Infinite! It’s for real, folks, no strings attached.

It Took 4 Women to Create BioShock Infinite’s Elizabeth

She might just be the most advanced NPC ever created. In BioShock Infinite, you’re sent to rescue a powerful young woman named Elizabeth, and she accompanies you throughout the entire game. And it’s incredible the amount of work that went into making her.

New ‘BioShock Infinite’ Trailer Zeroes In on Booker DeWitt

Who is this indebted gun-for-hire Booker DeWitt, the protagonist you play as in BioShock Infinite? Who does he owe a debt to? How did he wind up in this situation?

I’m Foaming At the Mouth For BioShock Infinite

2K Games and Irrational Games have cranked up the hype machine for BioShock Infinite into overdrive, now that we’re just over a month away from the game’s arrival. (It just went gold!) Check out the latest vids and sound off on your anticipation level for the game!

A New Look at BioShock Infinite’s Floating City

BioShock Infinite — widely regarded as the most highly-anticipated video game currently on the docket — is almost upon us. Irrational is teasing the game again this week with a couple of new videos that reveal more of Columbia than we’ve seen so far.

Take 5 Minutes to Watch the Beginning of ‘BioShock Infinite’

Presenting: the first 5 minutes of BioShock Infinite. There are spoilers ahead, but nothing major if you’ve been following the game’s development.

All of the VGA Trailers

It’s become a tradition that every year at Spike’s Video Game Awards, big developers and publishers make announcements about new games and trot out their latest trailers. Here’s a complete collection of every new trailer shown at this year’s VGAs, just a few nights ago.