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Chocolate Baby Heads and Disturbing Cakes From the Conjurer’s Kitchen

It’s not everyday that you get to see cakes and chocolate creations that just make your stomach turn. Especially not for us who love sweets and can’t resist a bite (or two or three) of most any cake. Annabel de Vetten has changed all that for me, and the chances are that you’re going to […]

This Eye of Sauron Cake May or May Not Be Wedding-Appropriate

What happens when a geek proposes to the love of his life? You get an Indiana Jones engagement ring, handmade no less. (Of course, the nature of the ring will vary depending on the preferred story/character of the parties involved.) And when the geeky couple decides to take the leap and get married. What happens […]

Epic Stormtrooper Cake

This is a cake. Let me say that again. It’s a cake! A life-sized, totally realistic, and yes edible Stormtrooper cake. And it looks better than a lot of the Stormtrooper costumes I’ve seen.

This Angry Birds Cake Made My Weekend

Rovio’s game Angry Birds has been around for a while, and yet the interest level remains high. I am not sure if it is the most played game today (I honestly doubt it), but there is no denying that the game has branched out to more mundane (or not so mundane) things. From t-shirts to […]

More Binary Goodness

Vi Hart’s Binary Hand Dance just got me thinking about all things binary. We at ForeverGeek seem to have a penchant for 1s and 0s as well. Just check out the archives, and you’ll find entries such as The Binary Ring and Binary Watch for Dad. If you are looking for some cool binary stuff, […]

The Most Disgustingly Awesome Cake Ever

I don’t even know if that title is grammatically correct – that’s how disgusted I felt after seeing the photos that I am about to share with you. Somehow, I have this feeling that horror and zombie enthusiasts just might feel a little differently.

Nerd Birthday Cake

What initially turned out to be as an error could easily be the dream of every code monkey: a cake with error messages. When a woman in New Jersey ordered a birthday cake from a Wegman’s supermarket, she used the option to print a custom message on the cake. All she had to do was […]