Chocolate Baby Heads and Disturbing Cakes From the Conjurer’s Kitchen

The Conjurer's Kitchen

It’s not everyday that you get to see cakes and chocolate creations that just make your stomach turn. Especially not for us who love sweets and can’t resist a bite (or two or three) of most any cake. Annabel de Vetten has changed all that for me, and the chances are that you’re going to […]

This Eye of Sauron Cake May or May Not Be Wedding-Appropriate

Geeky Cakes

What happens when a geek proposes to the love of his life? You get an Indiana Jones engagement ring, handmade no less. (Of course, the nature of the ring will vary depending on the preferred story/character of the parties involved.) And when the geeky couple decides to take the leap and get married. What happens […]