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14 Sweet Geeky Cakes That You Won’t Want to Eat

This is pure torture for cake lovers, or anyone who has a sweet tooth for that matter. There is always some room in the tummy for a slice of cake, but with these geeky cakes, you won’t get any more torn between satisfying your craving or not committing sacrilege. Here’s a roundup of 14 geeky […]

Cakes That Don’t Look Like Cakes, But They’re Not Lies

One of things we obsess about is food. Especially if it’s anything remotely geeky. From geeky cupcakes to Game of Thrones cupcakes to geeky cakes – we’re all over them. So when I read about “debbie does cakes” – which I dub weird cakes – I knew I had to share these with you. They’re […]

How To Bring Out The Geek In You With Your Dream Wedding

Your wedding is going to be a day you never forget. Not only is it a special day for you and the person you love, but you’ll also get a chance to spend the day with everyone who’s close to the two of you. Most importantly, the day is an opportunity to show off the […]

Donkey Kong Animated Wedding Cake

This is a wedding cake baked by Meals For Reals and animated by DJ and lighting company Posh Entertainment using a 3-D mapped projector! Source: POSH Donkey Kong Projector Wedding Cake

8 Smashing Doctor Who Cakes that Look Too Good to Exterminate

The 50th Anniversary special is only a few weeks away, and many Whovians are in the planning stages for parties to celebrate the occasion. Of course, the centerpiece for any right proper celebration shindig is a Doctor Who cake. Many fun, creative examples exist out in cyberspace, so we’re going to take a look at […]

Chocolate Baby Heads and Disturbing Cakes From the Conjurer’s Kitchen

It’s not everyday that you get to see cakes and chocolate creations that just make your stomach turn. Especially not for us who love sweets and can’t resist a bite (or two or three) of most any cake. Annabel de Vetten has changed all that for me, and the chances are that you’re going to […]

The Sweet Side of a Dark Lord [Darth Vader Cake]

Want a piece of that? Get in line! Earlier this year, a life-size Stormtrooper cake made the Internet rounds. The guys who made that super cake, Oakleaf Cakes, are back with a vengeance. This time around, they pooled their resources together with DK Publishing so that they could present this astounding life-size Darth Vader cake. […]

Alduin the World Eater Dragon Cake Is the Best Cake in the World

This woman has got to be the most awesome mom in the world! She manages the blog Baking Obsession, and from the little I have seen, she really is obsessed. Lucky for her son, who asked to have Alduin the Dragon from Skyrim as his birthday cake. Now if I were the mom, I would […]

Captain America Birthday Cake

Who doesn’t love geeky cakes? Cake in itself is something to be joyful about, but when the cake is specially designed to mimic something geeky, you have a winner. This 4-year-old boy is one lucky kid. Not only did he get a homemade cake for this fourth birthday, it is a cake worthy of superheroes! […]

Epic Stormtrooper Cake

This is a cake. Let me say that again. It’s a cake! A life-sized, totally realistic, and yes edible Stormtrooper cake. And it looks better than a lot of the Stormtrooper costumes I’ve seen.

10 Awesomely Geeky Cakes

Or geekily awesome. Either way works for me. Now, about cakes…there is something to be said about throwing flour and sugar together and then allowing the heat of the oven to turn the mixture into something that will make your mouth water. Of course, there is more to baking and decorating cakes than that, but […]