25 Killer Breaking Bad Mashups

Breaking Bad is nearing its final episode. How will it end? Will Walter pay for his crimes? Will he succumb to cancer? While you wait to find out, enjoy these amazing Breaking Bad mashups.

Rare Calvin & Hobbes Art Print Up for Auction

As all fans of Calvin & Hobbes know, Bill Watterson shunned all tie-in merchandise for his creation, never selling so much as a bumper sticker. So it’s a very big deal that one lucky buyer is about to get an incredibly rare art print signed by the artist.

20 Calvin and Hobbes Mashups

I can think of no other modern comic strip that inspires such fiercely passionate fandom as Calvin and Hobbes. Bill Watterson’s masterful work has also inspired some fans to mix up the titular duo with other pop culture figures.

Calvin & Hobbes Meets T2: Judgment Day

Last year, you marveled at a marriage between Calvin & Hobbes and Star Wars, where the beloved child-and-stuffed-tiger were depicted as Han Solo and Chewbacca — adorably riding a toy Millenium Falcon. If you liked that instant classic, you’ll love this scifi-meets-comic-strip mashup.

Bill Watterson Early Work

Before focusing full time on Calvin and Hobbes, Bill Watterson drew cartoons for the school newspaper and yearbook. Later he went on to draw political cartoons for a quarterly political journal, Target and for the Cincinnati Post. Unlike the late Peanuts creator, Charles M. Schulz, there isn’t much known about Bill Watterson. He is the […]

Incredible Calvin & Hobbes Fan Art

My love for Calvin & Hobbes knows no bounds. So imagine my fanboy giddiness when I discovered that a blog called Super Punch has recently run a contest for professional-quality fan art of the beloved comic strip. Fans were asked to send in their takes on Calvin & Hobbes — either in strip format, or […]

Mashup Time: Winnie The Pooh vs. Calvin and Hobbes

If you have story tellers in the team the scope of the site obviously broadens. If it weren’t for Kevin‘s Alien Vs. Pooh entry I would have hesitated posting this. But it’s Friday evening. And my sources all are drunk. Trolling /b/ and sending me the stupidest links in IM. I’m spending the evening with […]