Legotron: DIY LEGO Camera


AFOLs and photography enthusiasts, listen up! There is a guy that you might want to hail as your hero. Meet Cary Norton, a professional photographer who wanted to create something totally cool and different. I dare say that with his do-it-yourself camera, he has achieved his goal! Dubbed Legotron, Mark I, the device is a […]

Color night vision camera soon available. Paris Hilton sex tape sequel?


Night vision cameras are super devices that have been used in some super situations.  A few examples include the Paris Hilton sex tape, Jame Gumb’s creepy use of night vision in Silence of the Lambs, and a funny scene involving night vision from the hilarious movie, Step Brothers.

bloggie™ Camera

Sony bloggie camera

One of Sony’s latest products is a full HD camcorder with funky colors that fits in your pockets, the bloggie™ Camera. I would buy the camera for its name, format and colors only. I never had a gadget specific for video recording, the bloggie seems a nice one to buy for the first time. The […]

The geeky "peephole"


Ah did I get your attention with the post title? Nah, this is not that post… rather a security post for your home, or your apartment. It’s the geeky way to see who’s outside knocking to get in. I use a traditional peephole and there are times I couldn’t even recognize who’s on the other […]

The Third-Eye Video Camera


I’m not sure… it feels all too weird to wear this even if gives you the convenience of hands-free video recording. Will I get a lot of stares, definitely. Will I get laughed at, probably. Will my forehead ache… I’m sure. The intentions are very noble though. That’s a video camera with a fabricated strap […]

Ultimate Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Geeks


Many people dream of a romantic diner by candlelight and a bouquet of roses for Valentine’s Day. Your geek usually can be satisfied with much less: a pack of Mountain Dew cans, free pizza delivery and small gizmos. But what does your geek REALLY want? Usually your geek also has some ‘out of the world’ […]