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How to Turn Your iPhone Camera Into a Microscope

I have never been big on high tech cameras that can do wonders for one’s photos. I am more of the point and shoot kind of person, and as long as the photos turn out decently – not blurry for the most part – I am usually satisfied. Recently, though, I have been having issues […]

New Camera Will Change Photography Forever

Have you heard about this new camera that lets you focus the picture after it’s been taken? It’s called the Lytro camera, and it was dreamed up by a genius from Stanford who wants to help you capture perfect moments on film without having to wait for the focus. Instead, you can choose any focal […]

Legotron: DIY LEGO Camera

AFOLs and photography enthusiasts, listen up! There is a guy that you might want to hail as your hero. Meet Cary Norton, a professional photographer who wanted to create something totally cool and different. I dare say that with his do-it-yourself camera, he has achieved his goal! Dubbed Legotron, Mark I, the device is a […]

Color night vision camera soon available. Paris Hilton sex tape sequel?

Night vision cameras are super devices that have been used in some super situations.  A few examples include the Paris Hilton sex tape, Jame Gumb’s creepy use of night vision in Silence of the Lambs, and a funny scene involving night vision from the hilarious movie, Step Brothers.

Product overload – A camera research guide

Today at the electronic store I saw people looking at cameras and it was obvious they had no idea which is which and would be looking purely at the size and color. Like a lot of regular consumers they probably end up buying something, set it on auto and take photos. When dSLR went mainstream […]

bloggie™ Camera

One of Sony’s latest products is a full HD camcorder with funky colors that fits in your pockets, the bloggie™ Camera. I would buy the camera for its name, format and colors only. I never had a gadget specific for video recording, the bloggie seems a nice one to buy for the first time. The […]

The geeky "peephole"

Ah did I get your attention with the post title? Nah, this is not that post… rather a security post for your home, or your apartment. It’s the geeky way to see who’s outside knocking to get in. I use a traditional peephole and there are times I couldn’t even recognize who’s on the other […]

The Third-Eye Video Camera

I’m not sure… it feels all too weird to wear this even if gives you the convenience of hands-free video recording. Will I get a lot of stares, definitely. Will I get laughed at, probably. Will my forehead ache… I’m sure. The intentions are very noble though. That’s a video camera with a fabricated strap […]

Ultimate Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Geeks

Many people dream of a romantic diner by candlelight and a bouquet of roses for Valentine’s Day. Your geek usually can be satisfied with much less: a pack of Mountain Dew cans, free pizza delivery and small gizmos. But what does your geek REALLY want? Usually your geek also has some ‘out of the world’ […]

Sony HVR HD-1000U Entry-Level Pro HDV Camera May Just Change the Game…

The new Sony HVR HD-1000U may be targeted at wedding videographers, freelancers and educational video creators – I’m pretty sure all three of those categories of people are going to have to get in line behind the independent filmmakers and podcasters that are going to snap this thing off the shelves as soon as it […]