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Car Lovers Need This Filmography of Cars Poster on Their Walls

It’s no secret that we at ForeverGeek love our cars. Whether they’re LEGO cars or animated cars, it doesn’t matter. We just love looking at nice-looking automobiles. If you feel the same way, then this Filmography of Cars poster should be hanging on your walls. We understand that the image is not large enough for […]

Support the 1969 Chevrolet Corvette LEGO Project

This is where car lovers and LEGO enthusiasts come together: the 1969 Chevrolet Corvette LEGO Project. What more can you really want? The thing is, you have to help to make it a reality, as it is only a concept for now, and the 1969 Chevrolet Corvette LEGO Project needs support for it to become […]

Superman Auctioned His Truck For Charity, And You Can Too.

Of course there isn’t really a Superman - on this earth – but that didn’t stop him from helping homeless families. The premiere of the 2013 movie “Man of Steel” was notable off-screen for its amazing promotional Dodge Ram 2500 which was custom-built for the premiere. The truck was modified with details unique to Superman […]

Star Cars Vol 2 Features 71 More Famous Vehicles!

Vehicles of all shapes, sizes, and makes tend to be their own characters in our favorite movies and television shows. Toronto based art director Scott Park designed Star Cars Vol 2, an awesome poster that features 71 more illustrations of popular vehicles in pop culture. If you’re interested in prints, you can grab them online! Check out […]

10 Unusual Cars That Will Delight the (Auto) Geek in You

In general, modern cars are quite "good". People say there’s no such thing as a bad car any more, and they could be right – every model now provides adequate comfort, safety and performance.But the side effect of all this adequacy is that the market is quite dull. There are innovations, yes, but they’re all in relatively boring areas like fuel efficiency and tyre treads. Where is all the excitement?

Disney Takes on Skylanders with ‘Disney Infinity’

If you’ve been sitting on your hands, waiting with baited breath for Disney to come up with a new way to separate you from your money, rejoice! Your dream has come true, thanks to the irresistible-looking Disney Infinity.

5 Geeky Vehicles You Can Really Drive

We all love the cars from our favorite geeky movies and TV shows. But how many of them can anybody actually get behind the wheel and drive (assuming money is no object)?

Hyundai’s Zombie-Proof Car: Zombie Survival Machine

It was not raining when Noah built the ark. We have not seen a single zombie yet, but Hyundai’s already making preparations. And when the zombiecalypse does happen, we’ll see who will be laughing then. By now, you’ve probably seen the season 3 trailer of The Walking Dead, and if you’re anything like me, your […]

This Volkswagen Camper Sidecar Will Make You Envious

I have always been enamored by the looks of Volkswagen cars, in particular the old Beetle and the Volkswagen Camper. I do know that if I get a carin the near future, I will try to get my hands on the classic Beetle. The Camper, as much as I love the idea, is simply too […]

Mario Kart in Real Life

How many hours have you logged in playing Mario Kart? Maybe you do not play it often these days, but I am pretty sure that you have had your fair share of that game. I will deny that I will not be able to count the number of hours spent on Mario Kart. There was […]

DC Comics License Plates Coming to Australia

Some people have a thing for customized license plates, and we can’t blame them for that. After all, there is something about a license plate that is unique from the plates on the countless cars that you see on the road. It is just a pity that there are also lots of d-bags out there […]

The 10 Geekiest Movie Cars Ever

Step back, Top Gear. Here are ForeverGeek’s picks for the geekiest cars ever to grace the silver screen, with incredible designs and loads of, shall we say, “non-standard options.”

12 Famous Cars Gone Pixar

What happens when Disney/Pixar’s Cars is mashed up with twelve famous movie and TV vehicles? Click through to find out.

Lasers and radio-controlled cars. A match made in miniature car heaven

Radio-controlled (RC) cars are super. The self-powered miniature cars or trucks controlled using a remote emitting a radio-frequency connecting both car and controller remain as neat today as they were when appearing on the Christmas list of yours truly for a decade during my youth. Now, thanks to technological advances, RC car love may skyrocket […]

Meet the Characters of Cars 2

I know a lot of people aren’t looking forward to Cars 2 as much as they do other Pixar films. And for good reason: Cars is primarily a franchise aimed at little boys. That said, I think the movie looks like a blast, what with its globe-trotting spy angle and another trademark Pixar eccentric cast […]

Ecto-1 in LEGO

No one does it like the Ghostbusters. These days, we see all sorts of paranormal (or parapsychological) shows on TV, but anyone who grew up with the Ghostbusters knows that these modern shows are nothing compared to the good old days. Now add LEGO into the mix, and no one stands a chance! Mizterzumbi recently […]

The Body Shop Mix Ups

Fictional mechanical characters are very popular amongst geek. Yes, The General Lee is as much a character in The Dukes of Hazzard as Daisy Duke is. Same goes for Ecto-1 in Ghostbusters and several other movies and cartoons. There is always new fan designs to be found based on popular cars, robots, characters, etc. Artist […]

10 Vehicles That Are Alive

All the talk lately about Cars 2 made me wonder how many other cars, planes, and trains — and all other types of vehicles — there have been in TV and film that could be considered alive. Anthropomorphic characters are common in modern entertainment (how many kids’ shows feature talking animals?), but how many anthropomorphized vehicles […]

All Excited About Cars 2 World Grand Prix Posters

Cars is arguably the best animated motion picture from Disney-Pixar. Who can’t help but love Mater, Luigi, and Guido? Of course, many a kid would go for Lightning McQueen in an instant, but the film is rife with other lovable characters. So, recently, the official announcement for Cars 2 was made, getting every fan out […]

25 Years of Pixar

Today, the world’s greatest animation studio turns 25 years old. I know — I can’t believe it either. Naturally, this milestone cannot be allowed to pass by without celebration. So put “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” on repeat, because we’re going to take a trip into the past, present, and future of Pixar Animation […]