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Here Comes The King: It’s A Breaking Bad Chess Set!

If you ever think of doing a Walter White whenever a revenge plot comes to mind, we have a less violent yet equally satisfying suggestion. Breaking Bad is sometimes all about the morally ambiguous (and sometimes the straight up immoral). But think of all the messes that could have been avoided if they were solved […]

Celebrate Their 25th Anniversary With A Street Fighter Chess Set For Only $99.98!

Chess player? Street Fighter fan? You don’t have to be both to appreciate this fine Street Fighter chess set that celebrates their 25th Anniversary. With intricately designed pieces that are made of pewter and silver-colored resin and a large glass game board, you’re guaranteed a great collectible at the very least. Want to play chess […]

It’s Not Too Late to Ask Santa for This Batman Chess Set

Chess is not for idiots, but who cares if you can’t play chess as well as Kasparov when you can have the Batman chess set? Christmas is only a few days away, but it is probably not too late to ask Santa to get you one. You have better chances with that than asking to […]

Wins and Fails This Week in Geek v 16

Hot geek threesomes (who’da thunk it?), French kiss (leave Meg Ryan out of this), Microsoft oopsies (not that a Microsoft mistake is newsworthy), Verizon being daft (when are they not?) and Amazon on the warpath (Amazon vs. Netflix will be more interesting than the entire catalog of either company’s on demand video). It’s a steamy […]

Get fat on strategy with chocolate chess

I wonder how many more kids would have come to chess club at school if they’d been able to eat the pieces at the end of the game? Actually, scratch that — they’d probably just eat the pieces mid-game. Here are some chocolate chess pieces which come in a tube that transforms into the board […]