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Hipster Flashcards by Emma Cook

Got kids? Are they ready to to learn the English alphabet? Do you have this irresistible urge to shape your kids’ preferences by making sure they know all about what’s cool today? (Even though what we consider cool will probably be totally square by the time your kids grow up.) Whether you consider yourself a […]

Go the F**k to Sleep As Read by Samuel L. Jackson

Written by Adam Mansbach and illustrated by Ricardo Cortés, Go the F**k to Sleep is a progressive bedtime story book that breaks the traditional norms of reading to your child. As someone who finished some units in child development, reading bedtime stories to your child has nothing to do with the choice of book. You […]

Nursery Rhymes in Not-so-ordinary Graphic Depictions

Everyone knows their nursery rhymes, although the stories may vary from one culture to another. There may even be different versions of the same nursery rhymes. Even though we’re now all adults – age-wise, at least – I am pretty sure that your favorite nursery rhymes when you were kids hold a special place in […]

Star Wars Growth Chart

A geeky dad’s daughter is turning one in the near future, and he decided to create something to celebrate her first year in this world. Can you expect anything better than something related to Star Wars? ((I honestly can, but I am sure many will disagree with me.)) So geeky dad made something and put […]

Chile opens Star Wars school to train young Jedis

If there’s one thing about Star Wars any fan would love to master, it’s the way of the Jedi.  Certainly lightsaber techniques would be an amazing skill to acquire, but Jedi mind tricks?  No comparison.