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These Chocolate LEGO Bricks Are the Best Things You’ll See Today

What’s better than playing with LEGO bricks and creating something that previously only existed in your imagination? Playing with LEGO bricks and snacking on them afterward! Thanks to illustrator and designer Akihiro Mizuuchi, you can actually create chocolate LEGO. He designed moulds wherein you can pour liquid chocolate into. You just need to wait for […]

Chocolate Baby Heads and Disturbing Cakes From the Conjurer’s Kitchen

It’s not everyday that you get to see cakes and chocolate creations that just make your stomach turn. Especially not for us who love sweets and can’t resist a bite (or two or three) of most any cake. Annabel de Vetten has changed all that for me, and the chances are that you’re going to […]

Sweets So Geek: The Best Way to Satisfy That Sweet Tooth

Nothing makes one feel better than biting into a nice chunk of chocolate when stress levels are high. At least for those who have a sweet tooth. And even if you’re not really that much into sweets, I have a feeling that you will want to have your own stash of these sweets. Maybe the […]

No Need to Be a Walker to Eat This (Chocolate) Brain

Remember that funny photo that went around some months ago? The one with the line “That awkward moment when zombies go past you”? Well, if you had this special brain, no one would pass you up. Maybe not even walkers. This guy, Andy Mills, made a pretty cool brain using, of all things, chocolate! Then […]

Have a Geeky Easter With Candy

Yesterday, we saw some cool geeky Easter eggs. If you have not seen that yet, it is not too late to get some inspiration for making your own this weekend! Aside from Easter eggs, candy is another fixture of Easter celebrations. In the US, especially, candy consumption skyrockets at this time of the year. But […]

Sagres-Preta Chocolate Web Site; It’s Real Chocolate!

How do you make a web site out of real chocolate? The makers of Sagres-Preta Chocolate in Portugal have truly outdone themselves in more ways than one by creating what might very well be the world’s first chocolate web site. And no, I don’t simply mean a web site about chocolate, but a web site […]

3D Chocolate Printer – It Can’t Get Any Better Than This!

3D printing has just gotten cool. I mean really cool. There is no denying that the idea of being able to print objects that actually look real and that you can actually touch and play with is nice. Especially if that object is a teeny tiny version of yourself. While 3D printers are not yet […]

Chocolate Skulls – Not Your Average Valentine’s Gift

Just several more days, and countless of people around the world will be celebrating a Hallmark holiday with those special to them. Then again, there will be just as many who will not care or will pretend not to. Whether you make it a habit to celebrate Valentine’s Day or you treat February 14 just […]

Chocolate Covered Bacon

Finally a real bacon delicacy that is fresh and made out of real products and flavor. The chocolate covered bacon is made from hickory smoked bacon that is cooked in the oven until golden and crispy. My favorite way of making bacon by the way. Then the bacon is smothered in chocolate, two versions actually, […]

Get fat on strategy with chocolate chess

I wonder how many more kids would have come to chess club at school if they’d been able to eat the pieces at the end of the game? Actually, scratch that — they’d probably just eat the pieces mid-game. Here are some chocolate chess pieces which come in a tube that transforms into the board […]