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This Is Your Brain on Coffee [WATCH]

Coffee runs in my veins, and I am pretty sure that many of you will say the same thing. Unless you prefer wine or something else, that is. Admittedly, we at ForeverGeek love our coffee, and when science comes into the picture, we love it even more! Have you ever wondered about your brain on […]

How to Drink Coffee Like a Boss

It’s really called “Important People Drinking Coffee“, but with personalities such as Jesus and George Washington, “boss” is such an appropriate term, don’t you think? Artist Steven Weinberg dabbled with watercolors and portrayed important people drinking coffee, and you’ve got to hand it to him – they may not be as dignified as some may […]

Geeky Coffee Art to Wake You Up With a Smile

Drinking coffee is a pleasure for some. For others, it is a necessity. Adding a little fun to your coffee is always a welcome thing, though, especially if you’re talking about coffee art that features some of your favorite things. For sure, you’ve seen your share of awesome coffee art. You’ve probably even held off […]

Cylon Coffee Pot

Battlestar Galactica may be long over, but it’s still near and dear to our geeky hearts. Here’s how you can remember the glory days while feeding your need for caffeine at the same time.

The perfect pour: An infographic for any coffee lover

Two weeks ago I wrote about 15 Things you should know about caffeine. In the comments section a reader explained why decaf coffee does not taste as good as regular coffee. I drink my coffee at three places, Starbucks very once in a while, the bagel shop and the sandwich shop. Their decaf coffee varies […]

15 Things You Should Know About Caffeine

When I think caffeine I always think coffee, I barely stand still to the fact that cola and tea amongst others also contain it. I never drank coffee, did not like it at all. It was thanks to having dinner at an Italian bistro which served good cappuccino’s that I started liking coffee. And when […]

Evil Mad Scientist creates own coffee bean cooler

I must say I’m liking what Evil Mad Scientist has been doing recently, such as this fine creation: a coffee bean cooler. If you tend to buy ready-brewed coffee at Starbucks, buy ready-ground beans for use at home, or (shock) drink instant coffee, you might wonder what all the fuss is about. However, if you […]

Touchscreen technology comes to coffee machine (concept)

I’m not a huge fan of coffee vending machines, but that’s usually because they “brew” such atrocious sludge that’s barely worth drinking for the caffeine hit. Give me a professionally trained barista or, if I’m at home, a small but perfectly formed coffee machine and I’m set. Having said that, this concept coffee machine does […]

How strong do you like your coffee? Pantone 1545 C please

Here’s one for the graphic designers among you — those of you who both know and use Pantone colors. This mug set is available in Pantone colors 464 C, 1395 C, 175 C AND 1545 C. Of course, your local coffee bar is going to be more than happy to service your request for coffee […]

Concept spherical coffee maker

I think it’s fair to say that we like our coffee makers here at Forever Geek – after all, they serve up the brew as and when we need caffeine. That is, apart from the concept ones which, by nature, don’t exist yet. Not in production, at least. Take this one designed by Kamil Kurka […]

Concept Folding Coffee Machine

Designer Alisson Wilson Ströher has released a new folding concept coffee maker for the home market. Although right at the moment it is nothing more than a concept, there already are plans to market this awesomely looking caffeine producing shot machine (*grin*) at $130.

Caffeine Molecule Necklace

Here’s another one for the Dept. of Want It! Let’s pretend for a moment that you haven’t read the title of the post; that you’ve just seen the picture of that pendant. What would you say it was? Obviously, it is a representation of a molecule of some kind, right?