Gift Ideas for the Geek In your Life

Thinking up of gift ideas for geeks can be a lot of fun, especially if the person who will give the gift is a geek himself. Geek gifts are cool and if you’re a geek yourself, jut shopping around for a geek friend or relative is not so much a chore as a chance to […]

Veruca Salt Says: Team Them Up NOW!

Yes, it is I, the Veruca Salt of comic book geeks back for the third and final installation of my ultimate list of changes I’d enact in the world of comic books, if given the supreme power so to do. Today I’m talking about the ultimate team ups – dream teams of superheroes regardless of […]

Veruca Salt Speaks: Give ‘Em The Spotlight, NOW!

It is I, the Veruca Salt of comic book geeks returned to make more unrealistic demands in the hope of someday being appointed supreme ruler of the comic universe and given free reign to resurrect titles, bestow series on worthy characters, and create super groups with little more than a snap of my wee dainty […]

Veruca Salt Speaks: Gimme These Comics Back NOW!

If I had a magic wand, I’d wave it over lots of aspects of comics to create my ideal world – a world where great titles are never canceled, every character I fancy receives his or her own series, and super groups are formed at my mere whim. Unfortunately, I have yet to be given […]

Is Norton cool enough to have its own comic book?

Norton, purveyor of Internet security products, is trying to be cool with the introduction of its own online comic book series set in the city of Netropolis: “While you’re visiting, there is something you need to know to survive in Netropolis. There are no police here; no Emergency Services. You are alone in this city […]