Under the Surface of Periscope Studio

Two comic book artists are murdering each other at the lunch table. One of them is poised to bring a battle axe down on the other’s head. The victim’s face is contorted with rage as she reaches up to claw at her enemy’s eyes. They’re both holding perfectly still. There are eighteen other people in […]

The Greatest Animated Film Ever Made…Is a Comic Book!

THE HYPE: Such lofty words. Such high praise. But almost completely… mostly… true. You see, for over 10 years now, Scott Christian Sava has been creating an epic fantasy graphic novel series for his twin sons (now 10) and putting it online for all to read. For 10 years, he has amassed over 30 million […]

4 Horror Comics that Should Be on Your Screens

As The Walking Dead and 30 Days of Night have shown, horror comics are a genre that’s oozing with potential for TV and movie adaptations. Sure, there have been a lot more misses than hits (1982’s Swamp Thing and the recent Ghost Rider flicks, for instance), but that’s only because there wasn’t as much respect […]

Three of the Most Surprisingly Useful Weird Super-Powers

Throughout decades upon decades of superhero comics, it’s only normal that we encounter a few weird super-powers here and there. After all, there’s no limit to the human imagination. There are, however, limits to the usefulness of the powers we come up with, like Big Bertha’s ability to instantaneously gain a massive amount of weight. […]

The Most Powerful Comic Book Gems

We all like shiny things, to one degree or another. It seems that comic book creators are not exempt from this affinity toward things that give of a nice sheen, no matter what the color is. Of course, when it comes to comics, gems mean more than bling. They actually serve specific purposes and reek […]

5 Geek Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

If you don’t listen to geek podcasts, you can be forgiven.  After all, there is no shortage of audio entertainment these days.  Between terrestrial radio, satellite radio, and the virtual cornucopia of options streaming from our phones and mp3 players you’d be hard-pressed not to find something that piques your interest.  The glut of options […]

Comics Sales Reveal Tales Of Their Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Newsarama have posted a wonderful dissection of Comichron’s report of comics sales figures for May 2013, and highlighted how comics sales in issues are up a whole 22% on a decade ago, and double the dollar value for the same period, way out-stripping the rate of inflation! Recession? What recession?

Great Toy Titles

Newsarama today have posted an article entitled “TRANSFORMERS & Beyond: 5 Best Marvel TOY Comics”, yet I have to take issue with their choices. To my mind, they have missed out one of the very best toy-linked titles of all time. Although no one can deny the quality of the Micronauts, ‘They come from Inner […]

“Sketches3″ 2011 Sketchbook & Print Project

Ever heard of Tom Hodges? He’s this guy who is best known for his Star Wars web comic, and he is looking for pledges for a brand new project called “Sketches3” 2011 Sketchbook Print Project. ((I’m actually not sure if it’s Sketches2 or Sketches3, but it seems to be 3.)) Tom Hodges continues to be […]

Will the Real Iron Man Stand Up, Please?

That guy is definitely NOT Tony Stark – far from it – but he was “born” around the same time that Tony Stark debuted. Comic book fans will know that Iron Man first came out in March of 1963 in Tales of Suspense #39, but not many may know about Hardiman, which General Electric created […]

Peanuts Was Drawn For Adults

In 1977 David Desmond wrote a letter to the creator of Peanuts, Charles M. Schulz. He wrote Mr. Schulz to tell him how much he enjoys Peanuts and to ask how Mr. Schulz managed to create a comic for kids that also appeals to adults. Much to his surprise Charles M. Schulz wrote him back […]

Dante’s Divine Comedy Goes the Graphic Novel Route

I have a confession: I have never read Dante’s Divine Comedy.  I remember that it was required reading at some point when I was in school, but I guess I was able to get away with not doing homework more often than I realized.  Still, I do know the literary value of Dante’s work and […]

Custom Comic Book Wedding Invites

Getting married anytime soon?  If I can’t change your mind about that, how about just checking out this really cool store on Etsy?   The store is manned by a husband and wife team who actually came up with the idea of using comic book covers as a theme for their own wedding invitations back in […]

The Sandman's Saga Continues

It’s been an auspicious week for lovers of comics and lovers of good TV – and, ideally, the perfect marriage of the two. First, The Walking Dead was reportedly offered a second season almost 2 months before it even premiers (although the second season appears to be officially unconfirmed, most news outlets are, based on […]

Comics That Should Take a Leap, or a Step Back

Don’t forget to get involved in the comic book debates at the ForeverGeek Forum! When comics convert from print to the screen – be it silver screen, little screen, or computer screen – the results are often disastrous. We’ve become so accustomed to this fact that as comic book lovers, we follow the news of […]

The Daily Routine of a Web Geek

While browsing the web and going through all my daily sites I come across a comic depicting exactly what I’m doing. As a matter of fact what I do everyday: check email, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, feeds, statistics, news and all that over and over again between work. I’m sure everyone who needs internet to do […]

Veruca Salt Says: Team Them Up NOW!

Yes, it is I, the Veruca Salt of comic book geeks back for the third and final installation of my ultimate list of changes I’d enact in the world of comic books, if given the supreme power so to do. Today I’m talking about the ultimate team ups – dream teams of superheroes regardless of […]

Veruca Salt Speaks: Give ‘Em The Spotlight, NOW!

It is I, the Veruca Salt of comic book geeks returned to make more unrealistic demands in the hope of someday being appointed supreme ruler of the comic universe and given free reign to resurrect titles, bestow series on worthy characters, and create super groups with little more than a snap of my wee dainty […]

Veruca Salt Speaks: Gimme These Comics Back NOW!

If I had a magic wand, I’d wave it over lots of aspects of comics to create my ideal world – a world where great titles are never canceled, every character I fancy receives his or her own series, and super groups are formed at my mere whim. Unfortunately, I have yet to be given […]