Batman: The Long Halloween Kindle Edition Only at $5.99!

If you’ve got your holiday money ready to be spent, and you just can’t get enough of Batman, then here’s an Amazon deal you won’t want to miss: Batman: The Long Halloween Kindle Edition is on sale for only $5.99. Compare that to the original price of $24.99, and you really won’t have to think […]

Can ‘Super!’ Save The Superhero Comic?

This is a guest post by Justin Pitt who is currently promoting his indie comic Super! on Kickstarter. Long before comic book movies captivated the imaginations of the entire world, comic books did the same, providing the world with the perfect blend of art and story and giving birth to a new genre of characters: […]

The Best Sidekicks in Comics

Over the long and colorful history of comic books, superhero sidekicks have been almost as ubiquitous as costumes. Once mere stand-ins for the audience and a sounding board for the hero, some sidekicks have even inherited their mentor’s super alter ego. Here are our choices for the six top sidekicks in comics today. Nightwing As […]

Making Comics in a New World‏

The two biggest and most important comic markets are Japan’s Mangas and comic book Super Heroes from the USA. They have inspired many people and have become a huge part of culture in their native lands and around the world. But what about the little guys? Web comics have become an outlet for comic book fans, artists […]

For the Nice (and the Naughty): Best Graphic Novels to Give for Christmas

With the holiday season in full swing, you might be wondering what to give to friends for Christmas. Even as we take pride in being a website for geeks, allow us to suggest a few graphic novels for you that your friends will surely appreciate (whether they be geeky or not). 1. Watchmen Alan Moore […]

Under the Surface of Periscope Studio

Two comic book artists are murdering each other at the lunch table. One of them is poised to bring a battle axe down on the other’s head. The victim’s face is contorted with rage as she reaches up to claw at her enemy’s eyes. They’re both holding perfectly still. There are eighteen other people in […]

The Greatest Animated Film Ever Made…Is a Comic Book!

THE HYPE: Such lofty words. Such high praise. But almost completely… mostly… true. You see, for over 10 years now, Scott Christian Sava has been creating an epic fantasy graphic novel series for his twin sons (now 10) and putting it online for all to read. For 10 years, he has amassed over 30 million […]

4 Horror Comics that Should Be on Your Screens

As The Walking Dead and 30 Days of Night have shown, horror comics are a genre that’s oozing with potential for TV and movie adaptations. Sure, there have been a lot more misses than hits (1982’s Swamp Thing and the recent Ghost Rider flicks, for instance), but that’s only because there wasn’t as much respect […]

Three of the Most Surprisingly Useful Weird Super-Powers

Throughout decades upon decades of superhero comics, it’s only normal that we encounter a few weird super-powers here and there. After all, there’s no limit to the human imagination. There are, however, limits to the usefulness of the powers we come up with, like Big Bertha’s ability to instantaneously gain a massive amount of weight. […]

The Most Powerful Comic Book Gems

We all like shiny things, to one degree or another. It seems that comic book creators are not exempt from this affinity toward things that give of a nice sheen, no matter what the color is. Of course, when it comes to comics, gems mean more than bling. They actually serve specific purposes and reek […]