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OV'L: Wall clock tells time with circles and dashes

Regular readers will know what a fan I am of alternative clocks and watches. Any way of spicing up the chore of time-telling has to be a good thing. I didn’t come up with this idea when I created five concept watch designs, but I wish I had. Called OV’L, this wall clock displays both […]

Five concept watch designs that make you calculate the time

Inspired by the likes of Tokyo Flash watches, I started thinking about some concept watch designs that would force the wearer to work the old grey matter in order to work out what time it was. Some offer more precision that others, and some are easier to read, but all are definitely not your average […]

Concept printer uses pencils

The paperless office that was promised back in the last century never happened, and despite our increased use of the Internet and electronic gadgets, plus the endless little green pleas about saving the environment on the signature of nearly every corporate email, we still love to print stuff out. Printing technology, then, continues to evolve. […]

If social media websites were books: cool art

Turning tweets into a book is one thing, but what would happen if, by some bizarre magical experience, social media websites became books? Stéphane Massa-Bidal has some ideas. Check out the virtual book covers for Flickr, LinkedIn, Facebook, Wikipedia, YouTube, Tumblr, Twitter, MySpace, and FFFFOUND. Each book cover has a cool illustration and subtitle, […]

iPod with Everything: Electrolux's vacuum cleaner concept with iPod dock

Is “iPodification” a word? Clearly not, as there’s a big red line under it in my text editor, but I think it has to be one for next year’s update of the Oxford English Dictionary, because it seems that you can stick an iPod on just about everything these days. Take an everyday object and […]

Save space with the Three Dee Power Socket

Until such a time as wireless power becomes affordable and ubiquitous, we’re always going to struggle with the need for multiple power outlets for all the gadgets we run. While this Three Dee Power Socket design concept can’t do anything to help about the tangle of wires that emanate from peripherals and turn into plastic […]

Touchscreen technology comes to coffee machine (concept)

I’m not a huge fan of coffee vending machines, but that’s usually because they “brew” such atrocious sludge that’s barely worth drinking for the caffeine hit. Give me a professionally trained barista or, if I’m at home, a small but perfectly formed coffee machine and I’m set. Having said that, this concept coffee machine does […]

Get Pac-Man and Tetris on your tee

At first I wondered why these two pieces of clothing had to be conceptual, but I guess if you actually wanted to sell them legitimately you’d need the permission of Namco/Midway and Alexey Pajitnov.

Concept xylophone pitcher tells you how full it is

This may not be super advanced technology but there’s still something a bit geeky about this pitcher design. It comes with a little mallet, much like that found on a xylophone, which allows the user to know how much water (if any) is in the jug based on the tones made by the hammer when […]

Should Firefox add multitouch support?

There’s an interesting set of diagrams and discussion over at the Mozilla Wiki about adding multitouch and gesturing to Firefox. It doesn’t mention what this is in response to — Apple MacBook multitouch trackpad, perhaps, or the increasing number of mobile devices with touchscreens — but of course it is dependent on associated hardware to […]

Video: Pressure sensitive computer keyboard concept

Here’s a pretty cool evolution of the standard computer keyboard, using flexible membranes printed with resistive carbon ink that react to changes in applied pressure due to more contact being made by the keys above.

Melodydrop: Self-righting water droplet speaker concept

Here’s a really interesting concept design for a dock and speaker for the original iPod Shuffle. Designed by Rhea Jeong and inspired by water droplets and musical notation, it has a tumbler toy built in to the base meaning that it will always self right itself.

Gradient portable drinks heater/cooler looking good

I’m a fan of good looking and useful kitchen appliances, despite not having a big enough kitchen to house them all, so this Gradient portable electric drinks heater/cooler caught my eye. Not only does it serve a dual purpose (not at the same time, obviously) but it looks pretty good too. The bottom hotplate takes […]

Concept Electronic Drums: virtual bongos with multicolor effects

I love the sound and feel of real percussion and I’d never suggest that an electronic version could compete or substitute. However, you get a whole array of new sound possibilities with synthesizers and virtual instruments. Take this concept electronic drum. Not only can it be used to trigger new sounds but it’s also visually […]

LEDs in shower show temperature and time left

Here’s a neat little idea which was initially designed to be used in public showering areas, particularly ones you have to pay for. The shower controls and the shower head are both fitted with LEDs that are used to show how much time is remaining, and also what the temperature of the water is.

Concept spherical coffee maker

I think it’s fair to say that we like our coffee makers here at Forever Geek – after all, they serve up the brew as and when we need caffeine. That is, apart from the concept ones which, by nature, don’t exist yet. Not in production, at least. Take this one designed by Kamil Kurka […]