SDCC 2014 Preview: Marvel Method Cosplay at Comic-Con

Going all the way back to when Stan Lee ran the promotional arm of Marvel, fans knew that if there’s one thing they did well, it was engaging the fans. They know how to get fans excited about their characters, their stories, and their creators. That’s why every year at San Diego Comic-Con, the Marvel […]

3 Cosplayers With Awesome Eyes

Editor’s note: This post was written by Rob Doole, managing director at, check out his latest updates on Google+. Cosplay is getting seriously popular.  Following on from the mega geek love – caused in part by the Big Bang Theory, we’d even go so far as to say that it’s not far off reaching mainstream popularity […]

Child Predator: Cutest Cosplay Ever?

Serious cosplayers spend so much time and money to look their best, but I there is something to be said about this Child Predator Cosplay. That something can be “disconcerting”, but that something can also be “the cutest”. Here’s a short clip of the little girl – or boy – sorry I really can’t tell. […]

Adventure Time Cosplay Is Subtly Epic

I’m a fan of cosplay but I have to admit that sometimes things can be a bit too much. Not that I’m bashing cosplayers who take extraordinary amounts of time and effort to create their pieces, of course. It’s just that things can be overwhelming if someone doesn’t know how to hold back. This is exactly […]

Catwoman Cosplay With Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne

It’s not often that we see Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman costume look this fantastic on someone else. Violet Love is perfect as Selina Kyle/Catwoman. We can even see Selina on a date with a certain Bruce Wayne (Jason Chipman Howlett). They both look amazing!   Via

Totoro Dress Is Fun and Fashionable!

When we think of My Neighbor Totoro, it instantly brightens up our mood. So when cosplayer Dustbunny showed off this fascinating Totoro dress, we just knew we had to feature her. With the level of detail and the creativity shown, Dustbunny is definitely taking traditional cosplay to a new level. What happens when you want to participate in […]

Low on Cash? Check Out These Lowcost Cosplay Ideas – or Not!

This definitely counts as being so incredibly bad that it transcends all ‘badness’ and becomes the best thing on the internet (for the ten minutes that you spend looking at it, anyway). Whether you get his humor or not, 24 year old Anucha Saengchart is a very dedicated young Thai man. His quest on making […]

Meagan Marie Brings Daenerys Targaryen To Life

There is no shortage of Daenerys Targaryen cosplayers out there, but the very talented Meagan Marie is a cut above the rest. Meagan resembles book!Daenerys so much that we feel she took the image out of our imaginations and brought it to life. She’s seen wearing the leather chest armor that we saw on Dany in season […]

This Bioshock Cosplay Blows Everything Else Out of the Water

When cosplay is so good that we can’t tell the difference between it and a screenshot of the game, is it still called “realistic”? Whatever it is, it’s super awesome. This incredible Bioshock cosplay has Eve Beauregard as Elizabeth and Nathan DeLuca as Booker with background art from Bioshock Infinite so it looks like it was taken straight from the […]

An Illustrated Guide On How To Cosplay On A Budget

Cosplaying can get really expensive. But just because it takes a bit of serious coin to start out doesn’t mean you shouldn’t attempt to get into the world of cosplay. You don’t need a lot of money, and sometimes everything you need can be found at home! A Tumblr blog called ‘My Half Assed Cosplay […]