Real Life Iron Man Goes to Work

If being Iron Man can be based on looks alone, then this guy could very well be the real Iron Man. Geek and DIY cred goes to Wang XiaoKang, a 15-year-old employee of ZTE. If you have a USB broadband dongle, then you might be familiar with this Chinese company as they are the second […]

Best Costume of the Year – So Far: Big Sister from Bioshock 2

Halloween is months away, but if you are hell bent on winning this year’s costume contest, you had better start working on your look NOW. With all the sci-fi, fantasy, games, etc. themes, you really have so much to choose from. The key in winning is to get ahead of the competition and to blow […]

Dude Made a Master Chief Costume Out of LEGO

It takes a LEGO builder of special caliber to build something of their own design that’s recognizable to others. Now imagine compounding that challenge by trying to make something out of LEGO that you can actually wear. By its very nature, LEGO is far too fragile to be worn. It’s not meant for building clothes; […]

TRON LEGACY Suits: Am Lovin’ All the Leather

The original Tron movie has been sitting idle in my hard drive for the longest time, and I really do have to watch it before the new movie comes out.  While I wait for the chance to sit down and focus on that movie, I shall content myself with drooling at these new suits from […]

150+ Comic-Con Costumes from Twitter

Ah, Comic-Con. That time of the year when freaks, geeks, and the downright inexplicable annually migrate to San Diego to pay tribute to the almighty Pop Culture. For many of them, their love is so great that they’re compelled to dress up in elaborate outfits and costumes — most of which are homemade. I grabbed […]

Buy Your Capes Online

I grew up outside of Boston, Mass, and when I was little, we lived in this two-story house off of Pleasant Street. It wasn’t much, but it did have a cool patio on the second story, which was pretty neat to me at the time. I was pretty young when we lived in that house, […]