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Papercraft Hamburger: The Future of Food?

I don’t know if you remember Lucie Thomas and Thibault Zimmermann, also known collectively as Zim & Zou, but some time last year, we showcased their very colorful papercraft gadgets. If you are not into pretty colors, you might not appreciate their work at first glance. However, the intricacy of the details of each papercraft […]

These Papercraft Gadget Replicas Will Make Your Eyes Pop Out!

What do you do on a rainy day when you find yourself on the brink of suicide because of boredom? I highly doubt that a lot of you would instantly say “work on some papercraft“, but after seeing this series of photographs, you just might be tempted to give the hobby a hand. Zim & […]

Rubik's Cube fancy dress costume

What are you going to go to your next fancy dress party as? Historical or film characters are obvious choices. Game characters are the de facto standard for a budding geek, but actual toys surely take things a step further.

Lemmings get the stuffed toy treatment

I didn’t think I’d spend much time writing about geeky stuffed toys, but I’ve already shown you the Star Trek meerkats and Plush Jobs, so perhaps it’s not so surprising that these woollen lemmings caught my eye. Here you have walker, floater, blocker, builder and miner – no bomber to be seen, whaddya know.

Meerkats boldly go… Star Trek knitted toys

I don’t usually rave about little stuffed toy animals, but I had to post this up because it’s cute and a little bit geeky all at the same time. I love meerkats (I’ve even adopted one at London Zoo for the year), so this pair dressed up in Star Trek outfits just had to be […]