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Untapped Potential

Now we all love a good inter-company crossover. Over the years, Superman and Batman have met characters as diverse as the Predator to Bugs Bunny; Superman has met the Thundercats (and going back in time a few decades, He-Man and the Masters Of The Universe), while the Avengers, well......

Breathing Life Into The Franchise Medley

With IDW pushing Mars Attacks into a number of licence crossovers that while not yet reaching the substantial quantity of the Aliens/Predator record; is at least a healthy challenger. Put them on the same chart, and Mars Attacks would at least be noticed. I imagine Batman team-ups easily equal if not outnumber the many Aliens/Predator […]

In Defence Of The Crossover?

Newsarama have started a discussion asking ‘do fans even know what they want’? This week, the topic has turned to that bugbear of the discussion boards (and articles such as this one); the company crossover. On such a contentious topic, I could hardly resist contributing my own point of view. One can hardly deny the […]

State of the Multiverse 8

So the War Of Kings is finally over. Black Bolt and Vulcan may be dead, Gladiator may well be declared Majestor of the Shi’Ar and peace across the galaxy seems to have been aquired, merely for the price of a giant tear in space time, parsecs across. Just what we had been warned about in […]

State Of The Multiverse

The Blackest Night may prove that after nearly twenty five years or more of the company-wide crossover, it may have finally grown up.