6 Months and Counting, We Still Don’t Know What’s Inside the Cube

Peter Molyneux says enough is enough. With his grand communal experiment Curiosity dragging on for six long months, he’s cutting it short by trimming the cube down to its final fifty layers. The end is nigh!

Peter Molyneux is Reinventing the God Game

Peter Molyneux, creator of the first “god game” ever, Populous, is seeking Kickstarter funding to go back to the genre he created with a new god game called Godus.

Curiosity Is Here – Ready To Find Out What’s Inside the Cube?

Peter Molyneux has been teasing us for months. Now his grand experiment is finally here, and it’s full of surprises. Ready to find out what’s at the center of the cube?

Peter Molyneux Talks ‘Curiosity’

Peter Molyneux gave a presentation over the weekend about his upcoming game Curiosity, showing it off live and giving a lot more details about it.

Peter Molyneux’s Next Game Is an Experiment

Peter Molyneux is up to something. What’s next for the man behind Fable, Black & White, The Movies, Magic Carpet, and Populous? The answer is sure to surprise you.

Mars Rover Landing Comes to Xbox Kinect

NASA has devised a clever way to educate the public about their risky landing on Mars with the Curiosity rover: translate the entire experience to Xbox Kinect, and make it a free download.