TV Villains take on Darth Vader in Epic Rap Battle Parody

Rap battles are everywhere, but it’s not every day that you see TV villains take on Darth Vader. So chill out on a Friday and take a look at TV’s top villains take on the Dark Lord, Darth Vader in the Greatest Rap Battles of Villainy! Who lives? Who dies? You gotta watch the battle […]

Turn to the Dark Side With The Darth Vader Toaster

The dark side has always held an irresistible allure for some people, and it has been a bone of contention for many a fan. I, myself, tend to lean to the “good” over the dark side. When it comes to toast for breakfast (or brunch), though, I have no qualms about going as dark as […]

Star Wars Papercraft Toys by Momot

The amount of heartbreak we get when we find something cool but realize it’s just concept art is immeasurable. Imagine what we felt when we saw these awesome photos of Star Wars papercraft toys and found out they’re just concepts. South Korean toy designer Momot created these images and gave us a craving we didn’t know we […]

Have A ‘Preciousss’ Valentine’s Day With Gollum And Darth Vader

Is there anything more romantic than Gollum and Darth Vader? We know the answer is a resounding ‘Heck no!’ for us geeky citizens. Illustrator PJ McQuade has designed equally romantic and geeky Valentine’s Day cards with Darth Vader levitating a single rose and Gollum… Well, Gollum wears a bow tie now. You can get them as […]

Darth Vader Reimagined

Darth Vader’s iconic design is probably the most recognizable form in all of pop culture. But what if he were designed today, by modern artists? See for yourself with these 20 examples of Darth Vader reimagined.

Star Wars: What If?

Everybody knows what happened in that galaxy far, far away. But what if those characters and stories played out differently? Check out these 12 “What if?” scenarios that turn Star Wars on its head.

25 Killer Breaking Bad Mashups

Breaking Bad is nearing its final episode. How will it end? Will Walter pay for his crimes? Will he succumb to cancer? While you wait to find out, enjoy these amazing Breaking Bad mashups.

This Hasbro Star Wars Transformers Toy Gives You the Death Star and Darth Vader in One Nifty Package

The Hasbro Star Wars Transformers toy brings a whole new meaning to more than meets the eye. In merely 25 steps, you get to enjoy seeing the Death Star turn into no other than Darth Vader.

ValenTEE’s Day: Do February 14 Differently [PLUS a FREE PROMO CODE]

The Feast of Saint Valentine, more commonly known as Valentine’s Day (understandably so, as the former just doesn’t seem right the right name for a day when you’re supposed to celebrate love; but it could just be me), is just around the corner! I’ve always thought that people are fall into two groups when it […]

Sweets So Geek: The Best Way to Satisfy That Sweet Tooth

Nothing makes one feel better than biting into a nice chunk of chocolate when stress levels are high. At least for those who have a sweet tooth. And even if you’re not really that much into sweets, I have a feeling that you will want to have your own stash of these sweets. Maybe the […]