Vader's Words

“I am your father.” “Impressive. Most impressive.” “The Force is strong with this one.” That Darth Vader is one quotable guy. DeviantArt user etrav689 took Vader’s many quotes — even some by Anakin Skywalker — and crafted this tribute to the Sith Lord, made entirely out of typography. What do you think of the finished […]


In the event of a dire situation — like, for example, finding out you killed the only woman you’ve ever loved while in the midst of a psychotic rage — press this button. Wish I had that as a ringtone. It’s pretty much how I feel every time I have to talk on the blasted thing.

Star Wars Tai Chi Starring Darth Vader [Video]

Sure Darth Vader and his Stormtroopers may have the dark side to aid them in their battles, but there’s nothing like staying nice and limber as well, that’s where a daily routine of Tai Chi comes into play. Notice the lazy Stormtroopers in the background who are doing little more than standing around. Watch as […]

David Prowse Banned From Lucas Film Events. Perhaps James Earl Jones' Voice Will Show Up Instead

David Prowse, the actor who played Darth Vader in the original Star Wars films is no longer allowed to attend official Star Wars and other related Lucas Film based events. Prowse has been attending official events since the Star Wars Trilogy debuted, however he has had an ongoing feud with George Lucas after his lines […]

Watch, you must

You are about to see geeky viral marketing at its very best. These two videos showcase Yoda and Darth Vader recording lines for new Star Wars-themed TomTom Voices. (TomTom is a GPS navigator system.) It’s kooky fun to see these two infamous characters acting silly while remaining in-character. Just watch. You’ll thank me.

Darth Vader Plays In World Cup, Promotes Netbooks [Video]

My only language is English so I’m not positive what this video is promoting, but I’m pretty sure it’s a line of Star Wars friendly notebooks with internet and TV service. In any case it’s pretty funny. In the video Darth Vader is setup for a shootout kick in which he pushes the ball past […]

Open Books Quicker With Lightsaber Bookends

Say what you will about Episodes I-III of the Star Wars series, one thing they did very well was the lightsabers. Right off the bat they were slicing through doors, turning robots into victims of a laser-formed ginsu knife, and let’s not even get started about Darth Maul’s double-sided piece of awesome. It was one […]

Storm Troopers Redux

The Star Wars Stormtrooper is an iconic figure known the world round. I don’t know too many people who couldn’t identify the white and black armored figure, and he’s one of my personal favorites. There have been quite a few different variations on the character over the years, but now there are a few more […]

The Man Behind the Covers – Joe Corroney, Star Wars Artist

Ever wander down the aisles at Barnes & Noble and wonder who draws the covers for all of those Star Wars books? Turns out Joe Corroney does. I could blather on, but just read the credits from his bio: Joe Corroney has been providing Lucasfilm with official Star Wars artwork for books, games, trading cards, comic […]