Digital Delight Or Demise?

DC has now announced their collaboration with Amazon, releasing their stock, including an exclusive 100 graphic novels for release to users of the Kindle Fire. We are told, not to worry, these stories will be available for other Amazon customers eventually, and following that, DC are not sticking just with Amazon, but promising to look […]

In Defence Of The Crossover?

Newsarama have started a discussion asking ‘do fans even know what they want’? This week, the topic has turned to that bugbear of the discussion boards (and articles such as this one); the company crossover. On such a contentious topic, I could hardly resist contributing my own point of view. One can hardly deny the […]

In Defence Of The Amalgam

With the stunning sales figures of many of the DCnU  first issues, minds no doubt turn towards how the industry can sustain this momentum? As I have said before, I have doubts as to how many of these sales are likely to be new readers, although I imagine by far the largest segment of these […]

Today’s The Day

Well, today’s the day that the New Fifty Two (hardly the catchiest of slogans) bursts out into existence, and the first sight of it is in Justice League #1. I can’t determine whether I like it or not. Well, that’s a total lie. I do like it, I like it a lot so far, on […]

Great Toy Titles

Newsarama today have posted an article entitled “TRANSFORMERS & Beyond: 5 Best Marvel TOY Comics”, yet I have to take issue with their choices. To my mind, they have missed out one of the very best toy-linked titles of all time. Although no one can deny the quality of the Micronauts, ‘They come from Inner […]

Whatever Happened To The Reprint Market?

And no, I do not mean trade paperbacks. I mean the good old-fashioned monthly comic. Remember Marvel Tales? Or Marvel Triple Action for that matter? It was these titles that as a young reader, drew me into the rich history of the Marvel Universe, rather than just focusing on the hottest and newest events. Reliant […]

Double Dose of Hell

So, today we see John Constantine returns to the world of spandex super-heroes, even as his mature readers Vertigo title delves into its traditional adult themes. Coming from the days when John was a permanent fixture of the DCU, I should welcome this, yet for some reason I have reservations. John has made his home […]

Highs And Lows

Now, no one can deny it has been a big news week for comics. From the announcement that Valiant is relaunching itself, even without the properties of Solar, Turok and Magnus; to the ‘it’s not a reboot, honest’ promotions of the new DCU titles in September. Or rather the DCnU, as it will be called […]

Tales Of Their Death May Be Greatly Exaggerated

So now we have it. DC have announced their plans for September, and yes, we can expect a universe wide reboot, with a staggering (and wallet busting) FIFTY-TWO first issues to be relased that month. That of course is not withstanding their plans for same-day digital release of comics. Now, as a reader, I find […]

When Not To Revamp

With DC only soliciting one comic for release on August 31st, speculation abounds as what the company is planning. The scariest proposition that is being bandied around is that DC plans another One Year Later type event, dropping readers into new stories after some alleged gap of time, like they did after Infinite Crisis. I […]

Unnoticed Redemption?

It’s almost as if they planned it; although I rather fear that this time DC will not benefit from the flush of publicity they garnered two weeks ago. In this week’s Superman #711, the issue concludes with a statement of the ‘American Way’ that Superman has already fought for. The issue features LiveWire as the […]

Wildstorm Mourning

It’s been a little over a month I think since the demise of WildStorm, announced on the back end of last year. I hadn’t realised just how much I would miss them. There was a certain arrogance in the storylines of the Authority, or StormWatch (or the most recent incarnation of Wild C.A.T.S.) that I […]

Dwayne McDuffie

In case you haven’t already heard, it is my sad duty to report that Dwayne McDuffie passed away yesterday, due to complications due to a surgical procedure the night before.  Here at ForeverGeek, we would like to offer our condolences to his family and friends, and take a moment to recognise what a vast contribution […]

A Summer Of What-If?

So now we have seen the first bookend of the Age Of X. This is a world without the X-Men? But I see most of the X-Men still sat all together anyway. Maybe it was a world without Xavier. No wait, that was the Age Of Apocalypse. Could mutant history have taken a better turn? […]

Supergirl Grows Up, Slain By Foursquare?

Now I read Supergirl religiously every month. I’m one of the older school of fans that hold the character in high regard after the original Earth One version died in the Crisis Of Infinite Earths. Considering that was my introduction to DC, she maybe possesses a greater appeal to me that she deserves. I lapped […]

Pining for Saturday morning toons?

If you haven’t managed to catch the first two episodes of the Young Justice cartoon aired on the Cartoon Network before Christmas, then you have really missed a treat. Still, don’t despair, the rest of the series continues this with a repeat of the second episode this Friday. Now I may have fallen for the […]

Superman’s Secret Revealed! Well, not really.

I was unsure of the new direction of the Superman title, what with the walkabout and the apparent absence of any long-term plot, one of the major strong points of the Super-titles of the last two decades. I am pleased to say I have been pleasantly surprised. The stories have been reminiscent of some of […]

The Return Of Cool, Same Bat-Time……

I would be remiss if I didn’t draw your attention to this weeks’ Batman Returns and the much-debated Batman Incorporated. Now I am not what one would call a die-hard Batman fan. For me, he is far more enjoyable in team setting, with the Justice League or the Outsiders. His ‘Network’ has a reach that […]

Cool Crossovers

Well, now we have seen the start of the long-awaited (by me at least) Justice League Of America/The Ninety Nine, and I have to say, I really enjoyed it. These teams ups are better designed as mini-series rather than one off specials, as the many crossovers of the Nineties will remind us. It allows space […]

Write And Squire

I’m not sure about Knight & Squire. After reading the review from Newsarama, and how the writer Paul Cornell is ‘clearly reveling in the Britishness of it all’, my enthusiasm waned slightly. I had been really looking forward to this series but as for ‘reveling’, well, as a British guy I rather found the opening […]