A New Age Cometh!


This month’s Previews carries an infrequent Marvel cover (now that they have their own Previews magazine), which one can read simply as a story development or as a signifier of the already heralded potential alternate reality to undo the damage delivered by Ultron. Of course, Marvel is no stranger to alternate realities, or reality re-writes, […]

Fashionable Numbers

Hellblazer 251

By now you’ve heard the news that the long running Hellblazer series is to be cancelled, one of the original and longest running staples of the Vertigo line. Replacing this title will be the new Constantine, firmly ensconced in the DCnU following his appearances in Justice League Dark and I, Vampire. An event containing both […]

Keeping Up The Numbers

Blood Syndicate 35

January solicitations reveal that another four titles of the DCnU will be joining December’s issue of G.I. Combat in carrying the ‘Final Issue’ tagline. It’s a mixed bunch, and the NYCC has done little to confirm what will replace them. The latest round of casualties are Legion Lost, Frankenstein Agent of S.H.A.D.E., Grifter and the […]

Forever Change The Face Of….

Wonder Woman #15 (DCnU) Solicitation

The solicitation of DC’s Wonder Woman #15 (shipping in December) promises the return of Orion and more New Gods behind him (good thing) and that major changes are ‘coming to Wonder Woman and the entire DC universe’. Erm, excuse me? Aren’t we still trying to figure out what the current face of the DCU is? […]