Looking For That New Buzz

So, according to the interviews, DC’s upcoming Trinity War starts with the death of one of the heroes. So, we’ve never seen that before.

A New Age Cometh!

This month’s Previews carries an infrequent Marvel cover (now that they have their own Previews magazine), which one can read simply as a story development or as a signifier of the already heralded potential alternate reality to undo the damage delivered by Ultron. Of course, Marvel is no stranger to alternate realities, or reality re-writes, […]

Aping The Trends (Or Is It Time For The Inferior Five Again?)

Last week, DC announced the revamp / relaunch / re-imagination for the New Age of the Green Team; four unbelievably rich teenagers with a mission to make the world a better place. Meanwhile, taking the themes of the Occupy Movement, with the (now not so very fresh and new) narrative of the 99% and the […]

Fashionable Numbers

By now you’ve heard the news that the long running Hellblazer series is to be cancelled, one of the original and longest running staples of the Vertigo line. Replacing this title will be the new Constantine, firmly ensconced in the DCnU following his appearances in Justice League Dark and I, Vampire. An event containing both […]

Keeping Up The Numbers

January solicitations reveal that another four titles of the DCnU will be joining December’s issue of G.I. Combat in carrying the ‘Final Issue’ tagline. It’s a mixed bunch, and the NYCC has done little to confirm what will replace them. The latest round of casualties are Legion Lost, Frankenstein Agent of S.H.A.D.E., Grifter and the […]

Forever Change The Face Of….

The solicitation of DC’s Wonder Woman #15 (shipping in December) promises the return of Orion and more New Gods behind him (good thing) and that major changes are ‘coming to Wonder Woman and the entire DC universe’. Erm, excuse me? Aren’t we still trying to figure out what the current face of the DCU is? […]

Losses And Gains

So, now we know. In the wake of the creator re-shuffle at Marvel, Rick Remender confirmed on Monday via Twitter that he is leaving the Uncanny X-Force and the Secret Avengers. With his departure, the former of the two will cease publication. With a full thirty-seven issues, it has been an enjoyable ride, combining the […]

Shifting My Assumptions

Today sees the second issue of The Ravagers hitting the shelves, and I find that I really cannot muster the enthusiasm. Whereas some of the New 52 have been phenomenal successes, at least in this writer’s eyes, the Ravagers is not one of them. I am sure I am not alone when I say what […]

The Fourth World Of Earth Two

Any regular readers of this column will know that I am passionate about the DC Multiverse, and it was with great joy that I opened the pages of last weeks Earth 2#1. It was not what I expected. I had hoped that we would be seeing the Justice League Infinity, as seen in in the […]

Forces Beneath The Surface

With the second issue hitting the shelves today, I though it was way past time to discuss the relaunch of the legendary Night Force. One of the many babies of Marv Wolfman, Night Force has returned for a third series and maintains the high standard that some of us will remember from the critically acclaimed […]