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Luckiest Dude on Earth: He’s Got a Screen Accurate DeLorean

Luckiest if you’re a Back to the Future fan, but who isn’t??? Ollie Wilkey from Keynsham, Somerset in the UK bought the screen accurate DeLorean for a five-figure sum, which he wouldn’t disclose. But you can just imagine… So what does screen accurate mean? Basically, this DeLorean is just like the one used in the […]

Worlds Collide: TARDIS & DeLorean

What happens when you combine the two greatest time machines ever created? A world of awesome, that’s what. The Doctor‘s TARDIS and Marty McFly‘s DeLorean are all mashed up in these awesome works of art.

5 Geeky Vehicles You Can Really Drive

We all love the cars from our favorite geeky movies and TV shows. But how many of them can anybody actually get behind the wheel and drive (assuming money is no object)?