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The Cthurkey Is the Only Thing You Need for Thanksgiving

When it comes to Thanksgiving, people are always looking for creatively delicious dishes to serve at the grand table. While most families will go for the traditional turkey, there are always those who go all out with the famous turducken, which defies all logic – or maybe, is the most logical thing on earth. (Read […]

Robot Mouth is the Freakiest Thing You’ll See Today

There’s something to be said about robots and how they can definitely be used to make our lives better. Like this mute quadriplegic who was able to scratch an itch by himself for the first time in 10 years. Imagine not being able to scratch an itch! I would go nuts. Then there are those […]

Here’s Your Solution to “Inhumane” Killing of Animals for Food: Poop Burger

I am sure you have heard/encountered some people who think that one shouldn’t eat meat because it’s taking advantage of animals. Political correctness aside, I see some flaws in their arguments, but I will not get into that here. (There is, of course, the argument that raising animals for food contributes largely to the problem […]

Baby Gaga Ice Cream: All Natural and Free-Range

I don’t know about you, but rare is the moment that I will say no to ice cream. Gelato, soft ice cream, and ice cream on crepes – I will almost always take you up on your offer if it’s all about these frozen delights (and most any other dessert). Now, food geeks know that […]

iPhone 4 Diamond Rose is the World’s Most Expensive Phone

Looking for the perfect gift this Christmas? Look no further – whoever receives this iPhone from you will be eternally in your debt. Stuart Hughes, renowned British jeweler, has just come up with an iPhone that will definitely stand out from the rest of the iPhones that you see yuppies, geeks, and your mom carrying […]

When Pac-Man Goes Wrong

Wait – is that even possible?  How can you go wrong with Pac-Man?  We’ve seen some of the coolest pieces of merchandise following the Pac-Man theme, but who would have thought that there is some really bad (in the original sense) stuff out there?  I came across a collection of the 10 Absolutely Horrible Pieces […]

“Get A Geek in Five Easy Lessons” – FAIL?

Girls who want to “get” a geek, you might learn a thing or two from Leslie Sobon’s post at AMD – or NOT.  In her post, she outlines five “easy lessons” on how to bag one of them tech guys that you have been eyeing. Now you can just click on that link and get […]

Feel Like Watching a Tween Comedy? Check Out BSG – NOT!

The next time you feel like watching a tween comedy – for whatever reason, I will not even try to understand – why don’t you try this TV series called Battlestar Galactica? Take a close look at that image and you’ll see that reputable “San Francisco Chronicle(?)” hails it as a “good –hearted tween comedy.” […]

The Best Use of Louis Vuitton Products You'll See All Week

There’s something totally wrong about Louis Vuitton and it’s not particularly the price tag. Who cares about price tags when there’s Dubai and hopefully soon Marvel Land or the huge amount of counterfeit articles making LV accessible to anyone who wants to inflate their own ego with some cheap fashion. The main problem with LV […]

NPB To ThinkGeek: Pork Is The ONLY "Other White Meat"

We all know about ThinkGeek and their proclivity for playing practical jokes on their readers. You know, the kind that has enough touch of reality that you just might fall for it. One of their latest pranks was to advertise canned Unicorn Meat on April Fool’s. You probably heard about it, but I don’t know […]

The JEJEMON Phenomenon: do U~ speak lyK~ ThIs, n0H?

My country, the Philippines is experiencing the JEJEMON Phenomenon. Jejemon (n): Usually seen around social networking sites such as Friendster and Multiply, jejemons are individuals Hu LyK 2 TyP LyK diZS jejejeje; Jejemonn (n): Anyone with a low tolerance in correct punctuation, syntax and grammar. Jejemons are usually hated or hunted down by Jejebusters or […]

iPad Bling. LOLWUT? Whiskey Tango…

We’ve seen it all already here. Or at least I have and really would love to add the Foxtrot part to the title but instead, this is one of those moments when you just think ‘Whiskey Ta… Yes, make it a double Lagavulin please. No rocks, don’t water my stuff down!‘ You think here at […]

L'Oreal marketing: MP3 better than Vinyl? Huh?

L’Oreal recently ran a TV ad campaign in the UK for its new hair care product “INOA”, suggesting that its funkily-named coloration product is altogether better than any existing system. Maybe it is, but to a music-appreciating tech geek, the comparisons fall a little flat. Take a look: (Hopefully that video is still there, though […]

Cheap phone modelled on Coca-Cola cup

Apparently there’s something to be said for making your gadgets less desirable to thieves. This usually involves not waving your shiny new cellphone around and shouting in it, but it can also include disguising them so they look like crap. Take this landline phone modelled on a takeout Coca-Cola cup. Yes, really. In fact, it’s […]

iPhone Pilot: Strap on some cardboard wings and let's fly!

Parrot’s forthcoming AR.Drone is an amazing use of the iPhone as a remote control for a model airplane, but if you can’t wait that long or have just 99c to invest in some silliness, take a look at iPhone Pilot First, buy and download the app, then go to the website and pick up one […]

The honest scammer: all you have to do is ask

You know, there’s really no excuse for being ripped off on the Internet. If you want to know if a deal is dodgy, all you have to do is ask. Now, granted, it helps if you know what you might be up against. You can’t just come right out and say “Are you a criminal?” […]

Practice your ventriloquism with talking animals pen

You know we’re approaching Christmas when the silly gift ideas start appearing. Not that there’s anything particularly Christmassy about these ventriloquist pens, but be honest — when else are you likely to buy (or be given) something like this. (If you think this is the best gift ever, you need to read our 12 tips […]

Bizarre Sony patent to detect viewer smiling and laughter

This is an absolute must-see patent from Sony. Not only is the concept great but the drawing is absolutely priceless. First, the concept: Sony thinks it can improve your game playing experience if it knows when you smile or laugh at something on screen. It will do this by tracking bodily gestures and sounds via […]

Bing recommends… Google!

Ever since it’s launch Bing has been labelled ‘decision engine’ by Microsoft. And go figure what Bing’s recommendation is when you want to search the web… indeed, GOOGLE!