Wednesday Wolf’s Star Wars Art Will Creep You Out

Unless you’re creepy, and you’re the one that creeps creepy creatures out. Wednesday Wolf’s self-description is enough to explain the art. I want to make the world a little stranger. You might have seen me on Reddit or Tumblr. Maybe you met me at a show or convention. Possibly you found me after searching for […]

Need a Test for True Love? This Bra Will Do the Job!

True love waits, or so some say. Can’t really blame gals (or guys for that matter) for wanting to be sure about the love of their life, right? If you’ve been a horrible judge of character out of luck in the love department lately, don’t worry. Japanese company Ravijour has got you covered! Meet the […]

Santa Stakeout Kit for the Surveillance Geek Who Has Money to Burn

Every day, I discover something that makes me wonder at the stupidity ingenuity of the human race. Here’s one that blew my mind today: the Santa Stakeout Kit. This is no joke, folks. Forget about NORAD and tracking Santa on Christmas Eve. Just throw away $6,000++ of your money away, and make sure you catch […]

The Absurd World of Competitive Texting

Note: Texting may not be our usual topic, but this infographic is certain to bring a little absurdity to your Friday.  Do you think your speedy digits match up to the fastest kids in the world? You’d probably be disappointed if you tried to have a go at these technologically savvy young minds. Competitors around […]

Loki and Thor Blanket: Dream Gone Bad

Don’t get me wrong. Just like many other viewers, I was mesmerized by Thor. The movie may have had its fair share of criticism, but there is no doubt that the Norse god draws eyes like honey draws bees. Nothing more needs to be said. Until you see this blanket which puts together the brothers […]

What Would Apple Haters Do With the iPhone 5? Microwave It?

WARNING: If you are an Apple fanboy (or girl), and you would go to great lengths to be one of the first to get your hands on the latest iPhone (or iPad, or whatever gadget Apple releases), then you might want to sit down and prepare for an onslaught of almost uncontrollable feelings while reading […]

Be the Life – or Joke – of the Party With These Wearable Sculptures

What do you get when you combine architecture, clothing, and furniture? I am sure a thousand and one answers can be given to that question, but if you are artist Tracy Featherstone, you’ll say “wearable sculptures“! Truth be told, I admire Ms. Featherstone’s creativity and imagination. Even in my weirdest most creative moments, I would […]

Geek Love: Geek Speed Dating for Real

Some time this week, I got a mention or DM (I don’t remember which) on Twitter about a new TV show called Geek Love. I won’t even go as far as try to figure out why I would get such a message, but I didn’t pay it much attention. I hardly watch TV anyway. Today, […]

Petri Dish Hamburger, Anyone?

I apologize upfront if some of you might get offended at some points which may be politically incorrect! You know how there are some groups who think that eating meat is inhumane because of the way the animals are bred and killed? I honestly think that the arguments are not enough to sway me, and […]

Skin Art That’s So Strange It Will Mesmerize You

I remember the first time I saw images of the result of scarification and other rather disturbing ways of decorating one’s body. I really don’t want to see them again as I am particularly squeamish. I think I will stick to the “normal” ink tattoos any day. Then I ran across a different kind of […]