Genderswap Art Series: What if Guys Were Gals and the Other Way Around?

Whatever your stance on gender differences may be, this genderswap art series will catch your eye and make you think; not to mention the awesome artwork.   Can you identify them all? And, what do you think of the genderart swap? Via Geek Tyrant

Turn to the Dark Side With The Darth Vader Toaster

The dark side has always held an irresistible allure for some people, and it has been a bone of contention for many a fan. I, myself, tend to lean to the “good” over the dark side. When it comes to toast for breakfast (or brunch), though, I have no qualms about going as dark as […]

3D Printing Just Keeps Getting Cooler and Cooler [LEGO Alert!]

The DIY culture may not be a default in many societies, but the advent of 3D printing certainly helps in making more people excited about creating things with their own hands. Of course, 3D printing is not exactly manual labor, but there is still something to be said about making something yourself. And while 3D […]

These Comic Collages By Mike Alcantara Are Uniquely Cool

Awesome artist Mike Alcantara, like many other comic book fans, show his love for the medium through fan art. But what’s unique about his nerd art is that he creates one of a kind collages completely out of comic. No ink or paint at all! You can check out his DeviantArt, his Facebook for more […]

Stamp Yo Face Gets Our Stamp Of Approval

When you really like something, there comes a point where pimping it to your friends gets annoying (for them). When friends and family are a bit tired of your saying “This is the BEST thing EVER” every week or so, then it’s time you got yourself a better way to express your stamp of approval. […]

Have $1 Million To Spare? Get This Street Legal Batman Tumbler

I’m not a car person, but I doubt anyone would pass up the chance to ride a street legal Batman Tumbler. Fans of this supercar (can we even call it a car?) from the Dark Knight movie can finally get their own street legal Tumbler. Don’t except much out of its performance, especially if you […]

Red Bull on Steroids: Justice League Concept Cans

There is no “i” in “Red Bull” but there sure is in “Justice League“! I suppose that’s why that bunch of superheroes have more than their fair share of issues and conflicts. That does not matter, though, with these Justice League Red Bull cans. One sip, and everyone will probably be on a high that […]

The Ladies of Game of Thrones Go Disney

What happens when the ladies of Game of Thrones go Disney? They get cutesified, of course, but I love how artist Sam Tsui found little bits of similarities between the Disney princesses and the ladies of our favorite HBO fantasy TV show. In spite of the cuteness softening the characters, some of their edginess does […]

OpenKnit: The Clothing Printer We’ve Been Waiting For

Our good friend Gerard Rubio just made the coolest printer we’ve ever seen (so far). Simply put, OpenKnit is “a new digital fabrication tool, an open-source printer that creates ready-to-wear clothing”. Unlike other printers, it’s low cost (under $760) and it gives the unique ability for the user to create his own clothing using digital files. You can […]

Beard Head Is Offering 8$ Off For Forever Geek Readers!

The very first Beard Head was discovered by modern man inside a cavern on the mountaintops of Lake Tahoe. Ever since then, the secret of the Beard Head was passed around to only the manliest and most awesome men and women. After all, why settle for a plain, boring, non-mustachioed knit cap when you can […]