The Red Wedding in LEGO

You’ve probably seen the latest video released by HBO to heighten the anticipation for the upcoming season of The Game of Thrones. But, just in case you want more, here it is again: Game of Thrones Season 4: Ice and Fire: A Foreshadowing That’s as awesome as awesome gets right now, but I think this […]

Geeky Alphabet Blocks Are The Best Way To Learn!

A is for Apple, B is for Boring! We’re way into the internet age, so it’s common sense that we have to update our stuffy old alphabet rhymes with awesome geek icons in comics, science, video games, and more. That’s exactly what awesome dad Jonathan M. Guberman did: create geeky alphabet blocks! There are 36 […]

Hear Aslan Roar: What Selçuk Yılmaz Did With 4,000 Metal Scraps

If I were handed 4,000 metal scraps and told to make something, anything, out of it, I would probably just end up hurting myself. Luckily, Istanbul-based artist Selçuk Yılmaz is much more artistically gifted than I am. He recently sculpted a metal lion named Aslan, which is Turkish for Lion, by cutting and hammering each […]

Spoiler Alert! Table Of Thrones

If you consider yourself an expert on all things Westeros, then this Periodic Table of Elements by TheGeekerie that features the characters of the A Song of Ice and Fire series is a perfect addition to your home. Get to know the current standing of the major houses of Westeros with this stylish print, but […]

Disney Princesses In Oil – So Much Beauty You’ll Explode!

Disney princesses have always made us happy. I’m sure we have our own reasons, but these oil paintings by Heather Theurer makes one thing clear: the Disney princesses have never been this beautiful! Here are my two favorites: And there’s more where that came from.

Real Life Donkey Kong

Who has not spent more than his fair share of playing Donkey Kong? Now what if you have a chance to play the game in real life? Maybe… Tell me you’ve been training for this all your life. Via

These Superhero Hoodies Will Make You a Hoodie Convert

Deviant Artist seventhirtytwo seems to have a thing for hoodies, and lots of spare time to make concept art as well. He has some superhero hoodies that will make you want to wear a hoodie even if you live in the tropics in the height of summer. And, even if you are not normally a hoodie […]

Must-Have Christmas Decor: The Wreath of Khan

If your Christmas decor does not make you happy, then this is what has been missing. Unless you’re a purely Star Wars fan, that is. And, even if your decorating plans are complete, I am sure you can find space for the Wreath of Khan. Via

12 Doctor Who Tattoos

Members of the Doctor Who fandom express our enthusiasm in so many ways. If you’re into inking your body, then these 12 Doctor Who tattoos will definitely serve as inspiration. As the Day of the Doctor draws nearer, I am sure you’re feeling the intensity even more. Feed that feeling with these awesome works of […]

Mother Geek: The Only iPad App You’ll Need for Geeky Kids

It’s no secret that I’m a sucker for kids. While I don’t have my own – and am unlikely to ever have – I do have more than my fair share of nephews and nieces; related by blood or friendship, it doesn’t matter. Kids seem to love me (maybe because I’m quirky like that)! ;) […]