Travel Through Time With Your TARDIS Backpack

Now this is something we’re instantly placing on our gotta-have-it list. This snazzy Tardis Backpack Doctor Who by MadBoyWithBox isn’t just cool, it looks pretty practical to lug around too! You can use it as a backpack or a purse. He sells it on Etsy alongside a purse/bag version. Whovians of all ages would definitely love to have it. […]

Get a Longclaw Letter Opener From Game of Thrones for Only $24.50!

Whether you think Jon Snow knows nothing OR everything, you can’t deny that this Longclaw Letter Opener that’s patterned after his sword is very, very cool. Men of the Night’s Watch, you know what to do! You can get this piece of Game Of Thrones authorized merchandise on Amazon for only $24.50. For more Game of Thrones […]

Exercise Your Brain With This Mathematics Blackboard Pop Quiz Clock

We’ve always had this thing for unusual clocks and watches, and while you might have seen something like this Mathematics Blackboard Pop Quiz Clock already, how often do you see one on sale? It’s going for only $21.49 (as opposed to $31.99) on Amazon, but there are only 20 left in stock so I suggest […]

Batman Batarang Money Clip

The days after Christmas are usually lean, money-wise, but who cares if you have cash or not when you have this Batarang Money Clip? It’s a case of shut up and take my money, or lack of it. Features: Made of die-cast metal with a magnetic folding mechanism A tiny batarang to fold around your precious […]

These Superhero Hoodies Will Make You a Hoodie Convert

Deviant Artist seventhirtytwo seems to have a thing for hoodies, and lots of spare time to make concept art as well. He has some superhero hoodies that will make you want to wear a hoodie even if you live in the tropics in the height of summer. And, even if you are not normally a hoodie […]

Make Your Own Dragon Chest From Game of Thrones

What do you do when you have a consuming passion for Game of Thrones and lots of idle time? Build a replica of the dragon chest (well technically, dragon eggs) that Daenerys Targaryen herself used to store her babies when they were but petrified eggs. Kudos to Eric Hart, who’s cemented his geek cred with […]

12 Doctor Who Tattoos

Members of the Doctor Who fandom express our enthusiasm in so many ways. If you’re into inking your body, then these 12 Doctor Who tattoos will definitely serve as inspiration. As the Day of the Doctor draws nearer, I am sure you’re feeling the intensity even more. Feed that feeling with these awesome works of […]

Game of Thrones LEGO Minifigs on Sale NOW!

Get your credit cards, debit cards, or whatever you use to purchase online out. NOW. Back in 2011, when the Game of Thrones mania was already building up – albeit not as feverish as it is today – we featured Game of Thrones LEGO minifigs. That was certainly eye candy, but the bad news was […]

Game of Thrones Merchandise 2013

The new season of HBO’s Game of Thrones is finally here, and I bet you’re already holding your breath in anticipation of the next episode. If you have not seen it yet, don’t worry. There will be no spoilers in this post, as yours truly has not seen the premiere either.

Dr. Who Cupcakes and Pandorica Opens Cake

We are no strangers to the work of The Regali Kitchen – the same guys who brought us those Game of Thrones cupcakes that made me depressed for a while. (In a good way, because all I could think of was wanting some and yet knowing I would never eat them.) This time around, we have cupcakes that will take us to a different time and place.