Win a $50 Gift Certificate from Jack of All Trades Clothing!

Hey, boys and girls. How does another superhero t-shirt giveaway sound to you? I’m going to go out on a limb here (NOT), and say you wouldn’t mind at all. This week, we’re giving away a $50 gift certificate which you can use to purchase whatever you want from Jack of All Trades Clothing, […]

There’s More Than Meets the Eye to This Pen

Of course, you know what’s coming! There might be tons of things that’s wrong with the Transformers films, but we know we still love those robots like nothing else. And, who hasn’t dreamed of having a real Transformer? For those of us who still like using pens – you know, those things that you use […]

Authentic Wolverine Claws from X-Men: Days of Future Past Up for Auction

Got several thousands of dollars to spare? Then here’s another chance for you to scream – or daintily state, depends on your style – “Shut up, and take my money!” Whether you’ve seen X-Men: Days of Future Past or you’re still waiting for your favorite uploader the Blu-ray release, I am pretty sure that you […]

These Are the Headphones You’re Looking For: Star Wars™ First Edition STREET by 50 On-Ear Headphones

Sure, May the 4th is over, but the hunt for the best headphones in your price range is something that can go on and on and on. If your world revolves around Star Wars, though, your hunt for headphones might just be over. Introducing Star Wars™ First Edition STREET by 50 On-Ear Headphones. Need I […]

Rule The Seven Kingdoms Of Your Home In This Iron Throne Bean Bag

You just know there has to be something special about a silly old iron chair if at least a dozen people are plotting to have the right to sit on it. Game of Thrones wouldn’t be Game of Thrones without it, so why don’t you bring home a piece of Westeros with you? Nerd by Night has […]

Krukru Studio Exclusive Discount For Forever Geek!

Geeks are one of the most challenging people to buy gifts for. It’s not because they’re extremely picky (well, somewhat picky), but because most of them value unique and unusual presents. In times like these, giving geeky presents that are practical, original and stylish might seem like an impossibility, but fear not! Krukru Studio’s Etsy shop […]

Travel Through Time With Your TARDIS Backpack

Now this is something we’re instantly placing on our gotta-have-it list. This snazzy Tardis Backpack Doctor Who by MadBoyWithBox isn’t just cool, it looks pretty practical to lug around too! You can use it as a backpack or a purse. He sells it on Etsy alongside a purse/bag version. Whovians of all ages would definitely love to have it. […]

Get a Longclaw Letter Opener From Game of Thrones for Only $24.50!

Whether you think Jon Snow knows nothing OR everything, you can’t deny that this Longclaw Letter Opener that’s patterned after his sword is very, very cool. Men of the Night’s Watch, you know what to do! You can get this piece of Game Of Thrones authorized merchandise on Amazon for only $24.50. For more Game of Thrones […]

Exercise Your Brain With This Mathematics Blackboard Pop Quiz Clock

We’ve always had this thing for unusual clocks and watches, and while you might have seen something like this Mathematics Blackboard Pop Quiz Clock already, how often do you see one on sale? It’s going for only $21.49 (as opposed to $31.99) on Amazon, but there are only 20 left in stock so I suggest […]

Batman Batarang Money Clip

The days after Christmas are usually lean, money-wise, but who cares if you have cash or not when you have this Batarang Money Clip? It’s a case of shut up and take my money, or lack of it. Features: Made of die-cast metal with a magnetic folding mechanism A tiny batarang to fold around your precious […]